Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  DEC. 18, 2013
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“A million students! In just a couple of months?”


Let’s Shock the Meat Industry Even More in 2014!

Adopt a College Is Outrageous!

Recently, meat industry spokesman and Executive Director of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame Dan Murphy went looking for the most unbelievable claim by any animal rights group:

One of the most outrageous claims I’ve seen lately comes from a small organization known as Vegan Outreach.

Here’s a snippet from the group’s messaging: “Our approach is simultaneously pragmatic and forward-thinking and focuses on engaging those who are deemed most open to lifestyle changes: namely, the young, and, in particular, college students”

But when VO’s website begins bragging about its influence, and the numbers of susceptible people they’ve touched, all credibility disappears.

Here’s an example: “Just look at these results. This semester alone, dedicated activists have already handed Vegan Outreach’s detailed, documented booklets directly to 933,321 students at 816 schools!”

A million students! In just a couple of months?

Yes, indeed, Dan!

VO’s donors and Adopt a College’s amazing leafleters actually set an all-time semester record, directly handing a booklet to over 985,000 students and faculty all across the continent!

Is it just a coincidence that since VO first distributed over a million booklets in 2006, meat consumption has, as documented by the industry itself, gone off a cliff?

Meat consumption graph


The Numbers Don’t Lie:
Your Unbelievable Dedication Makes the Difference!

The graph below – with the green being donations during the fiscal year, and the blue bars the distribution of booklets for the calendar year – shows your donations determine how many people we reach, and how much more shocked and outraged the meat industry will be!

Booklet Distro vs. Total Revenue


Proof positive your contributions make the difference.

The graph clearly shows that your donation directly drives VO’s focused, efficient advocacy for the animals.

  • You determine how many people learn the hidden truth and stop supporting animal agribusiness.
  • You determine how quickly we move to an informed, compassionate society.

You drive the change!

Please Double Your Donation Now!

Thank you so much to the hundreds of people who have given to this campaign already!

If you want to reach even more people, please join your fellow VO members who also strive to get the biggest bang for the buck.

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You can use a credit card to make a secure donation online. Or send a check or money order to:

Vegan Outreach | POB 30865 | Tucson, AZ 85751

How many new people we reach in 2014 really does depend on you!

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Recent Feedback

The reason I support Vegan Outreach is straightforward: I think it’s one of the most effective nonprofits out there working to reduce suffering.

Students at UAQ
Students at UAQ

Vic in Mexico:

Israel, Alan, and I got the entire mountain of booklets into the hands of eager-to-learn students! If we could tabulate the animals saved in the last two weeks with new vegetarians, vegans, reducers, and ripple effects, I’m sure it is an astounding number!
     The Autonomous University of Querétaro is expansive and lush. Saw numerous people reading the ¿Por qué vegetariano? [some above and at right] and heard the usual start to conversations. One student said he needed to eat animals for protein – Israel quickly dispelled that, running down all the foods with protein, etc., relating that he was a semi-pro basketball player who has been vegan for years, and mentioning UFC fighters and numerous other veg athletes. We met Mariella [below, left], who sells sandwiches between classes. She read the booklet and we hung out with her and her friends for 10 minutes. She now wants to go full veg! And we nabbed three vegan sandwiches, and really should have gotten more – delicious!
     Best part of the day was running into Daniella [below, center], who had gotten a booklet earlier. She said she read the entire booklet, and didn’t want to support this anymore! She is going veg!!! We spoke with her and her two friends amicably, and it was a great way to close out our time at the school.

Mariella at UAQ Daniella at UAQ Isabella at ITQ

     We then hustled to the nearby Technological Institute of Querétaro. Again, very kind students and many readers [some below]. Met Chelsea, a foreign exchange student from Westmont College in Santa Barbara; she was flabbergasted I had recently been there doing outreach. I practiced my English with her, and we left as friends after discussing vegetarianism – she seemed interested in how it was a concrete step to making the world a better place for animals.
     Isabella [above, right] came up to me and asked for a few more booklets. She said she wants to be veg! We talked and she was super kind. I gave her my card to email me if she had any questions about foods, recipes, how to get involved, etc. Super tired, but very successful day, and that’s all that matters!
—Vic Sjodin, 11/22/13

Students at ITQ

Cobie, Zev, and I had good interactions at the University of Oregon. For example, a young woman started out telling me she doesn’t eat red meat. I got into how bad it is for chickens. We talked about a lot of things, including Gardein and Beyond Meat. By the end of the conversation she said that she was going to try going vegan.

Students at UAQ
More of the students Vic Sjodin saw engrossed in reading ¿Por qué vegetariano? in Querétaro.
Student at UAQ

     One person yelled back to me after she walked by that she is vegetarian. I said, “Great!” She yelled back, “Power to the people!” I yelled back, “Power to the animals!” and she yelled back, “Right on!”
—Nettie Schwager, 10/15/13

Had good conversations with students and staff at the Miami Dade College Medical Campus. Folks here are very interested in going veg, a few having tried it already and just looking for pointers on how to make it easier. Best conversation was with a mother of two attending the school. She was really interested, already having eliminated red meat from her diet. She had great questions and was excited to hear about all the new options available to try, especially more kid-friendly veg meals. Upon leaving, she was all smiles and super motivated to give it all a go. Even a security guy thanked me for coming. He was especially moved by the booklet, and after telling me how messed up factory farming is, he swore “No more meat!” Incredible! All in all, another wonderful day of action for animals.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 10/16/13

Lois and I had great reception at Cuesta College – almost everyone accepted a booklet. A vegan professor thanked us for being there and asked for booklets to display in her office. A student wanted to get involved – gave her a Guide and an AML, and she took copies of Compassionate Choices to share with friends and family.
—Johanna Andris, 10/17/13

At Cabrillo College, several people thanked me for speaking up for the animals. I also heard one of my favorite sentences, which is when one student says to another, “You should read this – this is why I’m vegetarian.”
—Steve Erlsten, 10/16/13

Lyn Cozart, leafleter extraordinaire, joined me at the University of Central Florida, where we reached 2,196 students. Highlight of the day was meeting a student who at first was concerned with our paper use. By the end of our conversation, he admitted that what we do makes sense and he will be making some dietary changes.
     We were up super early again to leaflet the University of Florida, where we reached 2,600 students. People praised us for being out there, and dozens of folks were especially excited to get a Guide.
     Today at the University of South Florida concluded our mini tour. Brittany joined us, and we reached 2,602 students. Tons of positive comments and conversations; also received emails from people who want to get involved. A solid day of outreach!
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/17/13

Lauren at HACC
Chris Guinn sends this pic of Lauren, a Harrisburg Area Community College student and longtime vegetarian who now wants to eat more vegan meals!

I took a late lunch and headed to the nearby train station, which is heavily frequented by DePaul University students. Despite the rain, the take rate was excellent. Would have stayed longer, but had to get back to the MFA office. The highlight was speaking with Sam, who was very happy with this info and left with a big smile on his face. A short, but good day of leafleting.
—Mikael Nielsen, 10/17/13

At the LA Art Walk and Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, I reached 550 people. Also engaged in wonderful conversations with people right on the edge of going vegan!
—Robb Curtis, 10/12/13

We had an awesome day at the University of Western Ontario! John and I were joined by local activist Jason, and together we reached 1,460 students! Students were very receptive to our message of compassion. Many thanked us, and I even had one student say, “Wow, you must really care to be out here doing this!” All in all, a very rewarding day! I know Jason had a good time; he was super enthusiastic about leafleting with us and told us that he ran into several students that were already vegan!
—Chris Guinn, 10/17/13

Eric at SCC
Student at SCC

Had an amazing day at Spokane Community College! Students were extremely receptive and interested in the information! Lots of people stopped walking to read the booklet, and one guy [below, right] sat right down on the sidewalk to read it! Talked to Eric [right], who now wants to go vegan; he was concerned about the cost of vegan food, so we chatted a bit and he got a Guide. Others stopped to talk and ask questions. Got to leaflet a bunch of high school students on a tour, who all stopped to make sure they got one.
—Rachel Shippee, 10/16/13

Tonight was awesome. I dressed up as my alter ego (The Carrot Crusader) and reached 650 people at the Highwood Pumpkin Festival! I heard from a ton of folks who were impacted by the booklet and wanted more information on how they could help. They all got Guides. I also met vegetarians and vegans, which was great!
—John Jungenberg, 10/18/13

Good conversations at Ventura College, including one with a vegetarian professor. A remarkable number of students said “Yes!” to “Info on helping animals?” in such an enthusiastic way that it made me hopeful for a vegan future.
—Barbara Bear, 10/16/13

Not the highest reception rate at Ohio State, but I reached 850 students and I know it is quite likely that the work will spare a few thousand animals from the brutality of modern farming.
—Joe Espinosa, 10/14/13

21 leafleters joined me at RMIT University as part of the Australian Animal Activist Forum’s Day of Leafleting. Wow! Such an awesome day! We reached 2,100 people in about 45 minutes, and had many positive interactions! Everyone had a blast, and afterwards a few told me they are interested in leafleting in their home cities around Australia.
—Chelsea Collins, 10/18/13

Claire Amiel at SFA

Lauren and I reached 1,700 students at Lamar University, and a number of people asked good questions. For example: one guy asked about free-range farms. I told him that while they generally entailed less suffering than on factory farms, it would be hard to raise and kill 9–10 billion animals using the farming methods that were used when Americans ate a fraction of that amount. He said, “Well you just made me realize that, and I thank you for it.”
     Ethan, one of my new favorite dudes, showed up at Texas A&M early with Claire, and the four of us broke the old record for the state of Texas by over 1,000 – 6,100 students reached. Lots of great interactions. For example, I spoke with a woman who just read the new Matthew Scully piece about being pro-life and vegan. She’s pro-choice, but found his arguments about extending mercy to farm animals to be compelling.
—Jon Camp, 10/17/13

On 10/18/13, Claire Amiel (above), Ethan Dussault (below), Lauren Walker, and Jon Camp also reached a record number of students at Stephen F. Austin State University!
Students at SFA Ethan Dussault at SFA

Phil and I had everything down to a T at the University of Michigan, where we set the all-time record, reaching 2,931 students. Tons of positive feedback!
     Receptive students at Oakland University. One student proclaimed, “I’m already with you!” and a professor (who I hadn’t even leafleted) told me he already got one today and that it was a good idea.
     It was on this afternoon I learned one of the best we have is no longer with us. As harsh as this world is and with as much suffering that exists, I remind myself to be content with what is in my power to control and do my best to balance my ability to influence others while enjoying my short time here on earth. Years ago, this essay helped me grasp this concept a bit more than I probably would’ve on my own.
—John Oberg, 10/16/13

We support Vegan Outreach because you walk the talk. This can be seen in the many notes about success in offering our literature to the people who are the most responsive to the material.
—CW & LW


The meat industry thinks you are outrageous.

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