Vegan Outreach SPECIAL ENEWS  •  DEC. 23, 2013
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“Make the biggest impact possible.”

Why I’m a Vegan Outreach Donor:

Donations to Vegan Outreach Reduce Animal Suffering

Kristie and Mark Middleton

—Mark Middleton

As a donor, your goal is to make sure that your donation makes the largest possible impact. There are many good organizations, and a difficulty that donors face is deciding where their money will do the most good. I’m going to tell you a few reasons why I donate to Vegan Outreach and why I think that it is a cost-effective donation to make.

1. Vegan Outreach has a straightforward mission, to inform the public about the suffering of animals and how we can reduce this suffering by eating a plant-based diet. They approach this mission by producing and distributing vegan literature. Some of the people who are reached by this information will become vegan or reduce their consumption of animal products. This is a scalable activity. You can be assured that Vegan Outreach will know exactly what to do with your donation, they will scale their current activities and reach more people.

More people reached means less animal suffering.

2. Many other groups and individual volunteers all over the world use Vegan Outreach’s literature. So, by supporting Vegan Outreach, you are not supporting just one organization, but many.

3. Vegan Outreach strives to find the most cost-effective way to reduce suffering, and to document the impact that they are having.

4. I know some of Vegan Outreach’s leafleters personally, and they are some of the most energetic and dedicated people I know. I have confidence in their ability to reach people with the literature, and make positive contacts with the public. Vegan Outreach leaflets also provide a way for anyone to volunteer as a leafleter, and make an impact for animals.

I donate to Vegan Outreach because I believe that they are one of the most effective organizations at reducing animal suffering.

I encourage anyone who wants their donation to make the biggest impact possible to join me in supporting the important work that Vegan Outreach does.

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