Vegan Outreach SPECIAL ENEWS  •  DEC. 27, 2013
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It’s great to know that I can support Vegan Outreach – and in turn increase the number of people who hear our message – by making a financial contribution.

Here is my contribution to the matching. Please keep up the good and important work you are doing. Years ago, one of your booklets handed to me on a street corner convinced me I could no longer live in denial of the abuses and injustice humans inflict on animals.


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In the early 1990s, we formed Vegan Outreach, dedicated to focused, efficient, and effective advocacy for the animals.

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More than 21 million booklets later, Vegan Outreach activists are still reaching more new people with detailed, documented booklets – booklets that have been shown to be effective and efficient at creating real change.

You know – from feedback and numbers – what your donations have accomplished.

You know, as the graph below shows, your contributions make a real, measurable difference.

This necessary work is creating a fundamentally better world!

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We need your help. We’re currently $24,576 away from putting all the matching money to work for the animals.

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P.S. We’ve sent out over 2,600,000 booklets in 2013.

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Thank you!

The Vegan Outreach team serves as a vital cog in the rapidly expanding vegan movement. Smart, smiling, happy, healthy and fit people on university campuses handing out a colorful booklet carefully designed to inform but not offend – it’s a winning formula. The sky’s the limit. Their ultimate success will come when there will no longer be any demand for their booklets, because everyone has already read it and changed their lives.
—Jonathan Balcombe, author of The Exultant Ark

More people, more results!

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Best in America Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating. Prevent Suffering!
All donations are fully tax-deductible.
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