Giveaway—Fauxgerty Ethical Apparel

By Lisa Rimmert, Director of Development


Last summer I learned from a friend that an ethical apparel company had opened in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. I was so thrilled and had to find out more!

I’m a little late to the game, as Fauxgerty was created in 2013, but you know what they say—better late than leather!

I had the privilege of hearing all about Fauxgerty from its founder, Chrissy Fogerty, and I’m excited to share it with you now!

Lisa Rimmert: How did you get involved in the world of consciously created products?

Chrissy Fogerty: When I first began thinking about Fauxgerty, I wanted to be part of the progressive movement towards conscious consumerism in the fashion industry. Utilizing cruelty-free materials was important in our sustainability focus and ensuring our products are ethically made.

Lisa: What inspired you to start Fauxgerty?

Chrissy: I began to think about my career in fashion while I was in college, which is where I was learning about entrepreneurship. I wanted to focus on how to do better in the fashion industry because I have always felt a connection to our environment and have had a sustainable mentality.

Fauxgerty Leather Jacket

Lisa: I heard that Fauxgerty started with a faux leather jacket. Why did it begin there? And how did Fauxgerty grow from that idea?

Chrissy: I fell in love with the evolution of the motorcycle jacket and wanted to develop the next phase. We began to concept a progressive vision for the jacket—both in its design and development. That’s where it all began.

We often joke that you don’t have to get dressed if you’re wearing a rad jacket. AKA the right jacket can make your sleep t-shirt and some denim look like a winner. This is the center of our design philosophy—ensuring that our pieces are easy to love and comfortable to wear.

We decided to expand beyond outerwear to offer a range of conscious apparel to wear with your outerwear. Shopping ethically should be simple, so in the future, we plan to offer dresses, skirts, and knits.

After creating our faux leather jacket—which does contain silk—we decided to transition to be entirely vegan. We now have three collections following our vegan guidelines!

fauxgerty store front

Lisa: What is the Fauxgerty office like?

Chrissy: We have our only brick and mortar storefront in St. Louis, as well as an office down the street. We have a small team who all work their magic while listening to music and having brainstorming sessions.

At Fauxgerty we work very collaboratively—and in a small space—to ensure we’re executing the Fauxgerty vision in all departments.

Lisa: Who is your ideal customer and why?

Chrissy: We love all of our Fauxgerty mavens! Many of our customers make conscious living choices, including their wardrobe. A goal of Fauxgerty is to offer pieces that you love so much it’s easy to support ethical fashion, and I believe our customers share this vision with us.

Lisa: You donate unsold apparel to a local women’s mission. Why?

Chrissy: We are female-owned and a female-fueled team, so supporting women is very important to us. When clothing is unsold at the end of the season, we want to spread the Fauxgerty love and pass it along to our fellow sisters!

Lisa: Thank you, Chrissy and Fauxgerty! It was great to learn a little bit more about your business!

Folks, we knew you were going to love Fauxgerty, so we’re giving you the chance to win this Herby Sweatshirt of theirs.


The giveaway starts today, March 21, and ends on Thursday, March 30 at 12:00 am North American MDT. We’ll announce the lucky winner on Tuesday, April 4. Enter by clicking on the giveaway link below!

Herby Sweatshirt from Fauxgerty Giveaway

In the meantime, if you’re not in the St. Louis area, check out Fauxgerty’s website.


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