Gunas Bags: Where High Fashion Meets Compassion

gunas blue and maroon bag

By Josie Moody, Office Manager

Who says being vegan and glamorous aren’t synonymous? Certainly not Sugandh G. Agrawal, creator of designer handbag company Gunas.

Growing up in India, Sugandh was disturbed by how cows were considered holy and yet slaughtered for their meat and skins. She knew that she wanted to do her part to stop animal suffering.

While getting her Master’s Degree in Design Management from the Pratt Institute in New York, Sugandh met a leather handbag designer. She and the other designer disagreed over the use of leather in fashion products, and as a result, Sugandh was inspired to, as part of her thesis, develop a business plan for what would eventually become Gunas, a completely vegan designer handbag brand.

These beautiful pieces are created using various canvases, nylons, polyurethanes, recycled polyester, and upcycled upholstery fabrics. Additionally, Gunas is continually experimenting with other materials, always ensuring that they are high quality and meet their standards-and always, 100% cruelty free.

In an ongoing partnership with Vegan Outreach, 30% of sales from this site will be donated to Vegan Outreach.:

Visit us at our table at the Animal Rights National Conference outside of Washington, DC July 30-August 2, 2015 to enter a drawing for a free Gunas bag and this pink wallet! And to those who won’t be coming, stay tuned for other Gunas giveaways that we will be having in the near future!


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