Jan ’17: WarblerGarb Herbivore Dino T-Shirt Giveaway

By Lori Stultz, VO Communications Manager

Merry/happy post-holiday season, everyone! And a very Happy New Year!

Let’s get 2017 started off right with a fun and exciting giveaway—this adorable Herbivore Dino t-shirt from WarblerGarb.

WarblerGarb T-Shirt Image

WarblerGarb is a new, Pennsylvania-based vegan t-shirt company “with a mission to spread the vegan message to as many corners of the Earth as possible.”

And the team at WarblerGarb believes in spreading the message via eye-catching and thought-provoking apparel—and who could disagree with that strategy?

It’s not a secret that we tend to take notice of other people’s clothing. For me personally, my Vegan Outreach t-shirt—and the various other animal-related t-shirts I own—never fail to lead to an informative conversation with veg-curious people.

And like other vegan companies we’ve partnered with in the past, WarblerGarb’s products are American-made and produced with earth-friendly materials in an eco-conscious facility. You can get those details here.

Enter now! This giveaway starts today, January 6, and ends Sunday, January 15 at 12:00 am North American MST. We’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday, January 20 right here on Vegan Outreach’s Vegan Living and Advocacy Blog!

Herbivore Dino T-Shirt Giveaway

24 thoughts on “Jan ’17: WarblerGarb Herbivore Dino T-Shirt Giveaway

  1. Love the shirt, the color and everything about it including the amazing message! Would so love to win so that I can spread the word even better about the benefits of eating vegan!!

    1. Hi Fran!

      We have a couple of ways that you can enter. If you click on the link at the bottom of the post you will be able to see those options.

  2. My 4 yo grandson who has been an”herbivore” all his life would think his grandma is cool wearing a dinosaur t shirt!

  3. I LOVE anything with an amazing message on it to help spread the news about our voiceless beautiful animals and would wear it with pride!

  4. I love the gentle vegan message! Such a cute Dino design my son would love for me to wear a matching Dino too with him ✌️ Make a lovely pressie for my 8 months vegan celebration too woo! PlantPower

  5. My grandson loves dinos! He is starting to understand that anytime he eats meat, he is eating an animal and doesn’t want any part of it. Would love to show up at his house with this beautiful shirt on

  6. I love this shirt!! Happened to visit site again as I always post it in fb comments to spread the word. What luck. Hope I win!


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