Vegan Outreach Is Expanding!

by Jack Norris, President

On behalf of the board and staff of Vegan Outreach, I’m thrilled to announce a partnership with Paige and David Carter and the launch of our Community Expansion Program!

David Carter

Our movement is growing, and it’s an exciting time to be vegan – but we’re still too darn small. When we watch videos of animals being beaten and killed in factory farms and slaughterhouses, we feel tremendous pressure to do more. To make change happen faster. So we’re taking a deep breath and starting a new program we’ve been planning for the last 9 months.

Paige Carter

Our movement is largely white. While we inspire new vegans all the time, there are entire communities who are not hearing our message, because ours can appear to be a movement only for white people. Of course this is unintentional, but it’s up to us to fix. And yes, it’s scary to address this. But we have to. We can do better – because it’s the right thing for human beings as well as for the animals that depend on us

If we as a movement can become more welcoming and inclusive – which means learning to recruit, hire, and promote non-white people (and more women) into positions of leadership – think how many more people we could reach with a message of compassion for animals!

Study after study has shown that the more diverse a company is, the more creative, innovative and therefore, the more effective it is. This positively impacts its bottom line, which then translates into a bigger market share. We want a more creative, innovative, effective organization and a bigger market share. We want more vegans. We have to get more vegans to win a better future for animals.

Paige and David Carter are joining our staff to help us take the first step of a long journey – and we’re thrilled they’re willing and able to help us!

Video: VO Just Got Bigger!

Please check out this short video of my visit with David and Paige last week to get our feet wet with some leafleting. David, Paige, and I leafleted at UCLA and CSU Los Angeles, and Yvonne LeGrice joined David and me to leaflet Los Angeles Valley College. In all, we gave booklets to 3,699 students – not too shabby considering how many people wanted to stop and talk to David!

And stay tuned for more announcements about our Community Expansion Program in the coming weeks!

26 thoughts on “Vegan Outreach Is Expanding!

  1. Do you have any job opportunities on the East Coast? I’m a vegan in MD, and looking for a career in animal rights. I want to leave my career and devote my life to helping animals.

  2. Well, yes, but please do not overlook qualified and passionate white people just because they are white! I’m a white, criminal defense attorney. I have represented people across the ethnic, religious, gender and sexual orientation spectrum. I have never had difficulty communicating with anyone. People are people! We just need to open our embrace! Please continue the good fight!

  3. I’ve always been a kinda of “hippie-redneck” and even tho I am against zoos, circus, etc. I still ate meat. The 300 lb Vegan got me thinking a bit (a dangerous thing for me) , and made me decide to become vegan. I know I am not a cold turkey kinda guy< i will always fail if i do that, but i think I can stop eating meat and eventually get away from other animal products .
    Thanx theinappropriateredneck

  4. It is about your level of compassion, open-mindedness and progressiveness, not the colour of your skin or cultural background, it is a very personal choice and is part of a person’s belief system and ethical journey.

  5. Is there one flyer you can send me to keep in my phone album. People in tell aren’t aware the cows cry when their male is taken from them for ex. I could show them one visual flyer as a text reply. People don’t all do Facebook or email. A photo on text is a way to share too. Let’s advocate for all kinds of people.

  6. Just picked up your wonderful new flyer, “Your Choice,” from the Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Md., campus Student Center lobby! Excellent! Beautiful, moving, expressive, and how to move towards and/or embrace vegetarianism and veganism by also colorfully presenting “Eating Out,” “Dining on Campus,” “Getting Groceries,” and “Making a Difference.” Excellent!! In the Takoma Park, and Silver Spring, Md., area, we also have the presence of Compassion Over Killing (COK), and in Metro D.C. area, the “Vegetarian Society,” founded 1927! Might you have a local chapter or Vegan Outreach reps. here also? Terrific work!! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Marcie!

      We are so glad to hear that you found our booklet helpful and inspiring!

      We currently do not have a Vegan Outreach representative in the DC area. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to grab a few friends and go out and leaflet in a public area. Here are a few links to help get you started: and

      Distributing booklets, like the one you picked up at your school, is an excellent and effective way to spread the word about animals and living a healthy vegan lifestyle!

      Thank you for reaching out, Marcie!

  7. Glad Vegan edu efforts are ever-expanding. i Leaflet vegan edu booklets in both Spanish/Espanol and English to people of all colors all the time. i bet all other vegan Leafleters also Leaflet indiscriminately to everybody they encounter regardless of skin-tone. The receptivity of each unique individual is up to them, of course, based on free-will and freedom-of-choice, however. i find plenty well mixed receptivity and even spoken appreciation from many different kinds of folks. i hope we all keep including compassion for all of us “Humanimals” in the compassion for ALL “animals”. peace, unity, cooperation.
    The below guided fill-in-the-blanks/fields, suggests share website, so mine is my poetry primarily and secondarily a dozen or so good reference recommendations: and here’s my voicemail for folks to comment 3 minute spoken messages 24/7 anytime: 831-425-3334 however email works best for me to easily click reply and correspond and i am open to various vegan teamwork greater L.A. CA area. i like to leaflet UCLA, santa monica college, and Santa Monica CA pier/beach/boardwalk/promenade. i know various vegan cafe’s in the area: , pure life foods, et al. and during the USC school-year is vegan Tue/Wed meals all you can eat $10 and take some away in your own container as well at a university united church scene of some kind, created by some veg’n Krishnas and their volunteers. BTW a famous/popular/successful/wise/inspirational African-American Vegan locally is Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith at and plenty others in his congregation are into veganism as well, also of all races/ethnicities.

    1. Hi Ana,

      Thank you for your comment. We are not currently hiring, but we’d love it if you’d like to get involved with volunteering! Please send me an email at and I will send you in the right direction!


    1. Hi Lynda,

      Our Canadian Outreach Coordinator, Jevranne Martel, will be in Western Canada in November. I will initiate and email between you two so she can give you her leafleting schedule.

      Thank you for reaching out!



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