Aug ’16: Vegan Outreach Merchandise Giveaway!

August is a month to celebrate here at Vegan Outreach! In the United States, Mexico, and Canada, VO’s Outreach Coordinators are setting out to do a whole lot of outreach on college campuses across their respective countries.

We’re celebrating the start of the 2016 fall semester by giving away free Vegan Outreach merchandise! Enter below for a chance to win Vegan Outreach stickers and one of our new “I Totes Love Vegan Outreach” tote bags. The entry form will remain open through Saturday, August 27 (12:00 pm North American MT).

Vegan Outreach Merchandise Giveaway!

Paige Carter VO Tote

11 thoughts on “Aug ’16: Vegan Outreach Merchandise Giveaway!

  1. I so appreciate all you are doing. I am working at the Unity of Phoenix church to convert 6000. They told me I can have a booth, do you have any free brochures or handouts, posters or banners?

  2. I really enjoy learning about your new endeavors each week. I live in Maine, a big hunting state. My family tends to not be supportive except for my daughter who is slowly becoming vegan along with my grandson. Your work is inspiring & very encouraging.

  3. I Totes Love Vegan Outreach … I love what yall are doing for the animals and are opening up peoples eyes and are making people see what is really going on


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