Video Links

2017 Investigations

Lamb Slaughterhouse in California

Hormel Pork Supplier in Oklahoma


2016 Investigations

Tyson Supplier in Tennessee

Turkey Slaughterhouse in British Columbia

Government-Owned Slaughterhouses in Mexico

Tyson Chicken Breeding Facilities in Virginia

Gray Ridge Egg Farms in Ontario

Eggland’s Best Supplier Briarwood Farms in Washington

Shady Brae Egg Farm in Pennsylvania


2015 Investigations

Minnesota Pig Slaughterhouse

Tyson Chicken Factory Farm

Chicken Slaughterhouse in Ontario

Foodservice Poultry Supplier in North Carolina

“Spent” Hen Slaughter in Minnesota

Costco Egg Supplier in Pennsylvania

Foster Farms Turkey Hatchery in California

Chicken Slaughter Plant in North Carolina

Foster Farms Chicken Slaughter in California

Walmart Pork Supplier in Colorado

Dairy Factory in Colorado


2014 Investigations

Duck Factory Farm in California

Chick‑fil‑A Suppliers in Mississippi and Tennessee

Walmart Pork Supplier in Colorado

Dairy Supplier in Wisconsin

Dairy Factory Farm in Vancouver

Pig Transport in Alberta

Pig Breeding Facility

Livestock Auctions in Mississippi

Veal Factory Farm in Quebec

Chicken Hatchery in Ontario

Turkey Factory in Ontario

Butterball Turkey Factory in North Carolina

Pig Factory in Kentucky

Calf Slaughter Plant in New Jersey

Chicken Factory Farm in North Carolina

See also: Animal Visuals’ map of factory farm investigations.


2013 Investigations

Cheese Supplier in New Mexico

Turkey Breeding Factory Farm in Minnesota

Walmart Pork Supplier in Oklahoma

Walmart Pork Supplier in Minnesota

McDonald’s Egg Supplier in Alberta

Chicken Hatchery in Pennsylvania

Dairy Calf Facility in Colorado

Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York


2012 Investigations

Hormel Pork Supplier in Iowa

Pork Supplier in Manitoba

Butterball Turkey Factory in North Carolina

Burger King Dairy Supplier in Idaho

Dairy Cow Slaughter Plant in California

Walmart Pork Supplier in Minnesota

Livestock Auction in California

Tyson Pork Supplier in Wyoming

Egg Factory in Pennsylvania

Pig Breeding Facilities in Oklahoma


2011 Investigations

Butterball Turkey Factory in North Carolina

McDonald’s Egg Supplier in Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado

Pig Factory Farm in Iowa

Dairy Calf Operation in Texas

Fish Slaughter Facility in Texas


2010 Investigations

Smithfield Pig Facility in Virginia

Egg Factory Farms in Iowa

Egg Factory Farm in Texas

Turkey Hatchery in Minnesota

Sexual Abuse on Factory Farms

Dairy Farm in Ohio

Veal Farm in Ohio


2009 Investigations

Hatchery in California

Mega-Dairy in New York State

Dunkin’ Donuts Egg Supplier in Minnesota

Egg Factory Farm in Maine

Egg-Laying-Breed Hatchery In Iowa

Land O’Lakes Supplier in Pennsylvania

Veal Calf Slaughter in Vermont

Pig Factory Farm in Pennsylvania


2008 Investigations

Foie Gras Farm in New York

Turkey Factory Farms in West Virginia

Tyson Chicken Slaughterhouses

Dairy Cow Slaughter in California

Hormel Pork Supplier in Iowa

Gemperle Egg Factory in California

Norco Egg Factory in California

Kosher Slaughterhouse in Iowa


2007 Investigations

Egg Factory Farm in New Jersey

Poultry Slaughterhouse in North Carolina

Smithfield Pork Supplier in North Carolina

Tyson Slaughterhouses in Georgia and Tennessee

KFC “Supplier of the Year” Slaughterhouse in Missouri


Earlier Investigations

Turkey Hatchery in North Carolina, 2006

Egg Factory Farm in Pennsylvania, 2005

Interstate Transport, 2005

Egg Factory Farm in Maryland, 2005

Tyson Slaughterhouse in Alabama, 2004–2005

KFC “Supplier of the Year” Slaughterhouse in West Virginia, 2004

Poultry Slaughter Plant in Maryland, 2004

Egg Factory Farm in Ohio, 2004


Other Videos

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