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Video Links

Text and pictures can’t begin to describe the overcrowding and confinement, the stench, the racket, the extremes of heat and cold, the attacks and even cannibalism, the hunger and starvation, the disease…the horror of every day of their lives. Some of these videos do a somewhat better job, but still fail to convey the reality.

WARNING: these videos are extremely disturbing.

If you choose only one video, please watch Farm to Fridge.



See also: Animal Visuals’ map of factory farm investigations.







  • Compassion Over Killing shows CA hatchery abuses.
  • Mercy For Animals investigation of a mega-dairy in New York State.
  • Compassion Over Killing exposes Dunkin’ Donuts egg supplier.
  • Mercy For Animals investigation reveals conditions at New England’s largest egg farm.
  • Mercy For Animals exposé of a huge, brutal Hy-Line hatchery.
  • PETA undercover video and pictures of Land O’ Lakes supplier now charged with cruelty.
  • HSUS reveals dairy calf abuse.
  • Mercy For Animals undercover investigation of a Pennsylvania pig farm.



  • In January 2007, a Mercy For Animals investigator took a job at one of the nation’s largest poultry slaughterhouses to witness the conditions firsthand; See video here.
  • In 2005, at an even larger facility, a PETA investigator saw many birds mangled by the throat-cutting machines; workers yanked the heads off birds who missed the blade. See video.
  • Other investigations of KFC’s “Suppliers of the Year” – 1, 2.
  • HSUS battery cage investigation video.
  • Other COK investigations.

Other Videos