You’ll Love Tofurky’s Hearty Hemp Burger

By Lisa Rimmert, VO Director of Development

tofurky hearty hemp veggie burger package

What can’t Tofurky do!? They’ve been giving us great tasting vegan food products for more than 20 years. Now they’ve come out with several packaged veggie burgers—Spicy Black Bean, White Quinoa, Hearty Hemp, and Mighty Mushroom.

To continue our celebration of Hemp History Week, I offer a review of the Hearty Hemp veggie burger. I’ve been wanting to try it, and I’m so glad I did.

Honestly, I’m not usually impressed by veggie burgers, but I keep searching out one that might suit my fancy. I found a great one in the Hearty Hemp burger! This burger now resides at the top of my list—and on the top shelf of my freezer!

The burger patty is easy to cook, and you can do so on the grill, stovetop, or in the microwave. I cooked mine on the stovetop. One of my favorite things about veggie-based meats is that there’s no danger in undercooking them. Just heat and serve! The Hearty Hemp burger heats through quickly and easily.

Before I even bit into the burger, I could tell by its aroma it was going to be tasty. My dog agreed, as evidenced by her steadfast begging from across the kitchen—she stayed as close as she could get without getting told to back up.

I felt adventurous, so I brushed a little oil and taco seasoning on each side of the patty before cooking. I enjoy this burger plain, but I also really liked the added kick. It paired nicely with the burger’s nutty flavoring.

Of course the taste of a burger is the most important part, but the texture can also make it or break it. Luckily, the Hearty Hemp burger has a great texture—not mushy at all, and it stays together well while cooking.

hemp burger

I served the patty (actually, two patties!) on a bun with mixed greens, tomato, avocado, a bit of hot sauce, and a slice of Daiya’s Cheddar Style vegan cheese. It was delicious!

These burgers are as nutritious as they are tasty too—with seven grams of protein per patty, 11% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of iron, and 17% for fiber.

Folks with Celiac disease will be glad to know this burger doesn’t contain gluten.

Tofurky’s Hearty Hemp veggie burger is truly for everyone. Whether you’re vegan, a die-hard meat eater, or somewhere in between, I recommend buying this burger and trying it for yourself! Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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