Thinking of trying out a new vegan product or dish at a local restaurant? abillion has got you covered! This app has over 100,000 user reviews—and growing! You can easily leave your own reviews for vegan options—for everything from grocery items to cosmetics and restaurant dishes—from your iPhone or Android.

How It Works

For every review that you post, abillion will donate a dollar to one of their partners. We’re delighted that abillion has chosen us as one of their partners, and you can easily donate to us just by leaving reviews! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Post a plant-based dish or product review with a photo that you took
  2. Each review = a $1 donation
  3. Choose Vegan Outreach as the organization you’d like to donate to

Download the app today to discover new plant-based options and support Vegan Outreach for free!