Brandon Becker

Activist Profile: August 10, 2011

Where are you from and where do you live now?bbeckerprofile

I was born in Minnesota but have lived most of my life in North Carolina and now live in the town of Cary.

What are your favorite things to do outside of leafleting?

In addition to activism, I like hanging out with my wife, watching animals live wild and free, walking and running in the woods, riding my bike at the skatepark, and listening to music.

How long have you been involved in animal rights and how did you get interested?

I learned about animal exploitation and going vegan from the music of Earth Crisis and Propagandhi. In 2004, I saw PETA’s Meet Your Meat video exposing the truth of factory farms and slaughterhouses and this influenced me to stop eating animal flesh and, by the next year, make the logical step to go vegan. With the knowledge of the massive suffering humans inflict on other animals came the responsibility: I had to move beyond my own choices and take action to change society for animal liberation.

What made you decide to start leafleting? / Why do you leaflet?

I started leafleting because I wanted to effectively reach the masses with the problem (exploiting animals for food and other purposes) and the solution (going vegan and getting active). I continue to leaflet because nothing compares in terms of efficiency.

What was your most positive leafleting experience and why?

I really enjoy leafleting NC State University, my alma mater, since it is a large school with great leafleting spots such as the Free Expression Tunnel. Leafleting anywhere is a positive experience but colleges are the best. Students are more open than the general public to changing their habits. I always get feedback from students who commit to changing or have changed their behavior as a result of receiving a Vegan Outreach booklet.

What would you say to individuals hesitant about leafleting?

You have nothing to worry about. Once you hand out your first pamphlet, your nervousness will quickly fade away. It’s easy, fun, and gets results for animals!