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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  December 14, 2011


Please Donate Now!
Photo courtesy of USDA.

This donation is to acknowledge the person who passed out leaflets at Temple University. I was inspired to start eating vegan then, a choice I feel good about every day.

Here is my donation to the matching. It really is basic: The more people who receive a booklet, the more lives are saved.


Just One Word: RESULTS!

Veggies Exploding!

As you know, Vegan Outreach’s singular focus is reducing as much suffering as possible.

Our work together may not get glitzy media coverage, but it does get results!

And we’ve just seen another amazing indication of these results:

This poll estimates there are 5.7 million adult vegans in the US – more than 7.5 million vegans if you extrapolate to the entire population! (Compare this with the 3 million adult vegans estimated by the poll in 2009.)

More importantly, the poll found nearly half the population “is the audience for good tasting vegetarian foods that fit individual needs.” This almost exactly matches the 49% estimated here.

This is the bottom line for Vegan Outreach: Results!

This is why activists across the continent work with Vegan Outreach: Results!

This is why donors contribute to Vegan Outreach: Results!

Mariah De La Paz
Brian Grupe reports: “Mariah De La Paz started off a meat eater that day, leafleted with me at Merced College, then decided to go veg on the spot.”

You can see it in polls and surveys!

You can see it in the daily feedback!

You can see it in the numbers:

  • 16.3+ million booklets distributed since 1993.
  • 10+ million young people reached through the Adopt a College program since fall 2003.
  • 2+ million young people directly handed a detailed and documented booklet in 2011!

Every one of these booklets efficiently and effectively cuts through the billion-dollar lies and deception of modern agribusiness.

Every day, we’re swelling the ranks of compassionate, informed individuals.

Every dollar efficiently and effectively provides the animals a voice.

Double Your Donation!

Your contribution creates concrete results!

And today, you can take advantage of the matching challenge put together by your fellow donors to double your donation, dollar for dollar, and multiply our results!

Hundreds of dedicated members have now contributed over half of the $102,000 challenge. You can help us put the full amount to work for the animals!

So please click over to our secure donation page and keep the results coming!

For the animals,

Matt, Jon, Jack, Anne

PS – Every single dollar you can give is the perfect gift: real action and real results!



Saint Nikki

My cousins Tommy and 12-year-old Simone were totally fearless leafleters at the mall. Our buddy Steve joined us for a bit. We all met numerous people who were sympathetic to the cause, even heard back from a guy who chose a vegan burger at a BBQ joint because of the booklet he got on the way to lunch! He got three hugs and a Guide.
     Last week at Arcadia High, the first girl I leafleted said she had been thinking of going veg. I Guided her, and whammo: she exclaimed, “Yay! This is it!” Later a group of boys walked by, I leafleted them and one yells out, “You’re a beautiful person for doing this.” Everyone was receptive as all get out!
—Nikki Benoit (right), 12/11/11

Students at the prestigious Kenwood Academy were alert and curious, even at 7am! Some thanked me in different languages. One mom asked me for a leaflet, then was happy to take a Guide. Another mom took a leaflet and said, “Oh yes, we need to stop the killing.”
—Leslie Patterson, 12/12/11

ASU veggie
Two more new vegetarians at Arizona State, courtesy of Jeff Boghosian, John Oberg, and the rest of the Phoenix crew!
ASU veggie

It was freezing and raining all day at Virginia Tech, but that never stopped a Vegan Outreach leafleter before. We reached over 3,000 receptive students and had positive conversations. One professor said he received a booklet in the past and it was the nudge he needed to give up factory-farmed animal products.
     We also had a great experience at James Madison University, where we set a new record of 3,300 students reached. We met tons of vegetarians and vegans, which was super heartening. One girl told us she went vegetarian from reading a Compassionate Choices!
—Aaron and Kate, 12/9/11

Reached 860 more people at Lehigh University. Talked with a student who said he got a booklet last time, checked out the website, and he’s now a big supporter. Also talked with two professors who support the work; the poli-sci professor talked about getting involved!
—BW, 12/10/11

Catherine and Lizeth joined me at the University of Texas, Pan American, where I broke my personal college leafleting record – 2,800 Even Ifs and Compassionate Choices, and 40 Guides. Lots and lots and lots of people stopped to ask questions. Catherine is a professor at UTPA, and she had me give a PowerPoint presentation to her Human Behavior and the Social Environment class. I spoke about the work I do, tips for effective social change, the arc of the moral universe bending towards justice concept, and how far we’ve progressed in the last couple centuries.
—Jon Camp, 10/11/11

New records at both Reedley College and College of the Sequoias. The number of students interested in this material at these schools is staggering. A whole mess of conversations and many wanting to try more veg food. Many actively came up to me for a booklet.
—Brian Grupe, 10/12/11

What an amazing day at LaGuardia Community College! Chris and I teamed up to reach more than 1,800 students. We answered many questions and met many vegetarians and other interested parties. I even had a guy decide to eat a vegetarian breakfast when he went to a food cart to initially order meat! On top of all of that amazing stuff, a professor of Food Ethics had us speak to his class! We spoke as to why we are advocates and answered many questions; I passed out Guides. It was excellent!
—Katie Pryor, 10/11/11

Sophia Cresci
Another booklet, another life changed by Sophia Cresci at Santa Clara University.

At Daemen College, I had powerful in-depth conversations with two separate girls who wanted to go veg. Another girl came back to Matt with tears in her eyes, said she read the whole thing and wants to go vegan. Matt said she made his week.
     Matt also admitted he had been hesitant to leaflet, and a bit nervous getting out there, but he really enjoyed doing outreach. After seeing so many reading the lit and coming back to talk, he felt leafleting is very effective.
—Vic Sjodin, 10/13/11

Good feedback at Gateway Community College and Naugatuck Valley Community College. For example, one student read the booklet, then came back to say, “I can’t believe this. This is horrible.” He said he would eat less meat; he got a Guide. Another student read the booklet and came back to say, “I never knew this happened. I eat a lot of chicken, and I feel so bad. I am going to stop eating meat RIGHT NOW!” Gave him a Guide and a list of inexpensive, easy meal suggestions to get started!
     Also gave a booklet to a chef and told him he should read it. He did, and he came back to talk. He wants to put vegan and vegetarian items on his menu, permanently. He asked me to help him veganize some items, and wants me to come in to help him launch the menu, to table and to talk to students! That’s what I’m talking about!
—Karen James, 10/12/11

Honest Abe

At Bemidji State, a girl took a booklet and one of her friends said, “If you read that, you’ll never, ever eat meat again,” while the other nodded in agreement.
—Fred Tyler, 9/29/11

1,200 Compassionate Choices, 16 Guides, and 12 AMLs found new homes at Western Kentucky University. Met many vegetarians and vegans and a number who are now seriously interested in changing their eating habits. Even Honest Abe was enlightened!
—Joe Espinosa, 12/6/11

Students at Tunxis Community College were very eager for our information, so there was lots of good feeling. I met two students who wanted to go directly to vegan from meat eating.
—Aleta Markham, 10/11/11

Reached over 2,000 students at the University of Tennessee. I had a lot of great feedback, including one student who said, “I was dying for a hot dog all day, but after reading your booklet, I bought the veggie burger.” Another student said she was a vegetarian and wanted to do more to help the animals, so I handed her an AML and Guide. I spoke to a student who worked in a hog factory. She said, “I only lasted a month there and I stopped eating meat for a while. All the pigs sounded like children crying and I couldn’t take it so I quit.” I guess the booklet reminded her how awful factory farming is, because she is going veg again!
—Rob Gilbride, 10/12/11

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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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