Humane Education: Food or Friends?

VO Humane Ed: Food or Friends?

Vegan Outreach has designed an interactive, mentally stimulating, and fun presentation—Food or Friends?—that will encourage kids and young adults to think critically about various topics—including the environment, animals raised for food, and their own health.

We provide solution-focused information on how each person can make a positive impact on the world and its inhabitants, as well as improve their own mental and physical well-being, by choosing to eat a plant-based diet.

This presentation has been developed for junior high and high school aged students, but can easily be adapted for college classrooms.

Vegan Outreach’s humane education presenters have completed training through the Institute for Humane Education and are available to give class presentations in the following locations:

  • Australia – Melbourne
  • Canada – Ottawa
  • Mexico – Monterrey
  • United States
    • Arizona – Phoenix
    • California – Berkeley and Los Angeles
    • Florida – Miami
    • Maine – Portland
    • Maryland – Baltimore
    • Washington – Seattle

If there is a presenter in your area and you’d like to schedule a presentation, please contact Liz Ross, Vegan Outreach’s Community Events Manager, at [email protected]


If you are looking for an intellectually invigorating, emotionally stimulating, life empowering, informative presentation without condescending, demeaning or dogmatic overtones on the interests of non-human animals, search no further. Vegan Outreach’s Humane Education presentation embodies just that. My students continuously praise me for having them present semester after semester, year after year, and I don’t anticipate stopping, ever!

—Dan Mages, Professor of Philosophy, Chaffey College

The Vegan Outreach presentation had the perfect approach for my middle school students. Through this engaging presentation, the students learned many different ways to make choices around food, and they developed a more open approach to making food choices.

—Eliza Adams, Teacher at Windham Middle School, Windham, ME

I never realized the impact our food choices can have on the world.

—Megan Cameron, Senior at Dublin Coffman High School, Dublin, OH