Vegan Outreach hands out booklets to about one million students at 1,000 schools every semester. Although we have a couple dozen paid outreach coordinators who do leafleting tours in their region, such a massive amount of outreach also requires about 500 critical volunteers who leaflet anywhere from one to dozens of schools.

You can help move society beyond eating animals by getting active in your area—and these tips will get you started!

Set a Goal

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to leaflet is to set a goal. Establish a goal that works with your schedule. Whether that means taking an hour one time each month to leaflet a college campus or establishing weekly leafleting outings, you’ll be making a big impact!

After you finish leafleting and reach your goal, celebrate! You’ve just spared animals a lifetime of misery. Treat yourself to some Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream.

Go With a Friend

It feels less intimidating with a familiar face leafleting alongside! Basically, you get to talk and hang out with your friend while helping animals at the same time. It’s a win-win!

If you don’t have a vegan friend to leaflet with, there is likely a VO outreach coordinator who will be in your area! Outreach coordinators are always on the lookout for volunteers—we can reach more students and we have fun getting to meet new friends!

Email us at [email protected] to see if an Outreach Coordinator is going to be traveling through your neck of the woods!

Smile and Check Your Form

Smiling while you’re leafleting doesn’t only increase the likelihood of someone taking your leaflet, but studies show that the act of smiling alone improves your mood. Consequently, your friendliness will undoubtedly brighten the day of whoever takes a leaflet from you as well!

leaflet like a pro

When you’re offering someone a booklet, speak confidently and don’t ask the person if they’d like a leaflet. Instead, make it a statement. A few examples include, “Help animals!” and “Help stop cruelty.”

Stand confidently, but loose. Perhaps most importantly, offer people booklets with a straight arm—you’d be surprised at how well this tactic works!

Relate with Your Audience

Relating to your audience is one of the most powerful tools that we have as activists. If you’re talking with someone who has a similar concern that you had before you went vegan, tell them that!

For example, if you were worried about getting enough protein on a vegan diet and you’re talking with someone who has the same concern, tell them, “I was really worried about getting enough protein, too. I did some research though, and I was surprised to find there are a lot of plant foods that are high in protein.”

If there’s a question asked during the conversation and you’re not sure what the correct answer is, It’s okay! Don’t hesitate to say, “That’s a good question. I don’t know.” Admitting you don’t know is better than providing a wrong answer. Offer to exchange contact information and let the person know you can do some research and get back to them.

Leafleting in the Cold

Thermal base layer shirts and pants are a huge help. You can never wear too many layers. If you put on one too many layers, you can always shed a few.

Hand warmers and toe warmers—available in reusable or single-use packets—are a big help. They last several hours and fit great inside gloves or mittens. You can find them at almost any pharmacy or convenience store. They’re also available in bulk via

An occasional warm-up break indoor can do wonders.

Leafleting Demonstration

Watch Vegan Outreach’s Vice President of College Outreach and International Expansion, Vic Sjodin, explain how to leaflet and see him in action!

Are You Ready?

View PDF versions our booklets and place an order using our order form.

After you place an order, you’ll receive tips on how to have your leafleting statistics added to our Adopt a College program.

If you get out there to leaflet and find that you can’t get enough, consider volunteering with us!