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“We want a vegan world, not a vegan club.”

– Jack Norris, Vegan Outreach

That said, as we work toward a vegan world, let’s build a really big vegan club!

Become a member today and join a network of dedicated individuals working to spread a vegan lifestyle. Your donation will result in fewer animals suffering lives of misery on factory farms.

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Annual Giving Levels and Thank You Gifts

Thank you gifts accumulate as levels increase. New members get a free Tofurky product. All members receive our yearly print newsletter.

$30 Member, Vegan Club
VO Sticker, Bookmark, or Magnet
$60 Vegan with Benefits
VO Bumper Sticker, Button, Restaurant Cards, or Window Cling
$120 24-Carrot Vegan
Book, DVD, or VO T-Shirt, Tank, or Tote
$300 Vegan Police
Vegan Police Shirt or VO Hoodie
$600 Vegan Rep
Official VO Lapel Pin
$1,200 Insider Vegan
Insider Monthly Email
$10,000 VIP Vegan
Regional Dinners Special Guest
$20,000 Sustainer of Vegans
Your Name on 200,000 Booklets
$50,000 Advisor of Vegans
Invitation to Join VO Board of Advisors

Why Donate to VO?

Your passion for veganism is important to you – and your money is hard-earned. You should know exactly what your donation to VO will do and how it will work to reduce suffering and improve the world for animals.

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