Why Donate to Vegan Outreach?

Inspire more people to go vegan!

Focus on reducing the greatest amount of suffering.

Animals used for food account for most of the animals being neglected, abused, and killed at the hands of humans. Since 1993, Vegan Outreach’s mission has been to reduce the suffering of farmed animals. We put them front and center.

Expose millions of people to veganism—one by one.

Your donation puts persuasive pro-veg booklets directly in the hands of millions—in the US, Mexico, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand. And these aren’t just faceless interactions online—people who receive a VO booklet meet an upbeat and helpful activist, giving our movement a friendly face and knocking down negative stereotypes about the “angry animal activist.”

Inspire people to go vegan and help them do it.

We consistently hear from people who go vegan thanks to Vegan Outreach donors who make our work happen. And your contribution provides guidance and support for people to transition to and stay vegan—through our 10 Weeks to Vegan email series, Vegan Mentor Program, nutrition information from a registered dietitian, and more.

Recruit more activists to spread compassion for animals.

Many people become vegan after receiving a VO booklet, and oftentimes they take it a step further. Students everywhere are getting active for animals by leafleting, doing restaurant and cafeteria outreach, starting animal rights groups at their schools, and more.

Make a donation today!

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