Louisville Vegan Jerky

By Jack Norris, Executive Director

Vegan Jerky

Confession: I love protein.

While some vegans are happy to have a butternut squash as their meal’s centerpiece, I consider that one small step above fasting. Bring on the Tofurky, people!

So when the TheVegetarianSite recently had a promotion for Louisville Vegan Jerky, I couldn’t resist. I’ve never had Louisville Vegan Jerky, but with a name like that, how can you go wrong? Turns out, you can’t.

Jerky Flavors

I ordered three flavors—all were great, but I preferred the Maple Bacon and the Smoked Black Pepper over the Smokey Carolina BBQ. And for you protein junkies like me, each ounce of jerky has 6-7 g of protein.

I’ve rarely eaten a vegan jerky I didn’t like, but these are my favorite so far and I’m looking forward to my next batch!

They’re also available from our friends at Pangea and VeganEssentials and direct from Louisville Vegan Jerky.


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