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Vegan Outreach: Working to End Cruelty to Animals
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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization dedicated to
reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

Donations to VO are fully tax-deductible.
VO’s tax identification no. is 86-0736818.

Vegan Outreach
POB 1916, Davis, CA 95617-1916



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Vegan Outreach News Fall 2013

Fall 2013  (3.5 MB)

Vegan Outreach News Fall 2012   Vegan Outreach News Fall 2011   Vegan Outreach News Fall 2010

Fall 2012  (3.4 MB) Changing Lives, Every Single Day; Sizzling Summer Distro; Adopt a College Records; Team Vegan 2012 for the Animals; End-of-Year Matching Opportunity; VO’s Ripple Effect


Fall 2011  (2.4 MB) Hot Summer Distro; Adopt a College Update; Every Question Is an Opportunity; Vegan for Life Book; Team Vegan 2011; Matching Opportunity; VO Success Stories


Fall 2010  (2.7 MB) Sizzling Summer Distro; Adopt a College Update; Who Thinks That Is Enough?; An Ex-Vegan’s Interview with Jack Norris; Team Vegan 2010; Matching Opportunity

Vegan Outreach News Fall 2009   Vegan Outreach News Fall 2008   Vegan Outreach News Fall 2007

Fall 2009  (2.5 MB) Summer Distro; AAC Amazes; Letter to a Young Matt; Team Vegan; Matching Opportunity; Handbook for Activists


Fall 2008  (2.4 MB) Voices; AAC Update; Summer Distro; Matching Drive; Is Being a Vegetarian Important?


Fall 2007  (2.4 MB) AAC Update, Warped Speed, Why All This Matters; A New World, Piece by Piece; A Truly Inconvenient Truth

Vegan Outreach News October 2006   Vegan Outreach News October 2005   Vegan Outreach News December 2004

Oct 2006  (1.6 MB) Why Not Change the Laws? Advocacy in an Imperfect World; Plus Tons of Other Great Stuff!


Nov 2005  (568 KB) Adopt a College Leafleters: Too Legit to Quit!; How Vegan? Ingredients vs. Activism; Vegan Outreach Honored; Catalog and More


Dec 2004  (565 KB) "No Thanks, I Like Meat"; What Now?; Adopt a College; Catalog and More

Vegan Outreach News April 2004   Vegan Outreach News November 2003   Vegan Outreach News May 2003

Apr 2004  (1,075 KB) Adopt a College Program Update; Why Adopt a College?; How Vegan?; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More


Nov 2003  (963 KB) School Leafleting Programs; Urgent?; Update on Tours; New Book & DVD on Veg Nutrition; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More


May 2003  (777 KB) Why Vegan Outreach?; Spreading Veganism; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More

Vegan Outreach News February 2003   Vegan Outreach News August 2002   Vegan Outreach News February 2002

Feb 2003  (991 KB) Help make this year a turning point for the animals!! New Why Vegan?; NYT; Interview with Matt Ball; Notes to VO Members and More


Aug 2002  (1,006 KB) Is Veganism a Religion?; Vegan is as Vegan Does; article on VO; New Posters; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More


Feb 2002  (862 KB) Vegan Advocacy Tour; VO Members in Action; Distribution Update; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More

Vegan Outreach News September 2001   Vegan Outreach News June 2001   Vegan Outreach News March 2001

Sep 2001  (689 KB) Colliding Worlds; Paratuberculosis and Crohn’s Disease: Got Milk? Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More


Jun 2001  (870 KB) Welfare and Liberation: Mutually Exclusive? Rights, Liberation and the Animals; Welfare Is Not a Dirty Word; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More


Mar 2001  (659 KB) Becoming Vegan and Revised Edition of Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating Book Reviews; Successful Advocacy Report; Notes to VO Members and More

Vegan Outreach News December 2000   Vegan Outreach News September 2000   Vegan Outreach News June 2000

Dec 2000  (615 KB) Anger, Humor, and Advocacy; Notes to VO Members; Are the Animals on Your Holiday Gift-Giving List? and More


Sep 2000  (445 KB) Rice Milk: A Taste Odyssey; Thank You; Catalog and More


Jun 2000  (483 KB) Selecting Information for Advocacy; Notes to VO Members; Thank You; Catalog and More

Vegan Outreach News March 2000   Vegan Outreach News December 1999   Vegan Outreach News September 1999

Mar 2000  (365 KB) “But it Doesn’t Hurt the Cow”; Notes to VO Members; Catalog and More


Dec 1999  (415 KB) In Memory of Glenn Grodin; Promoting Veganism as Part of a Consistent Philosophy for Life; Shopping with Compassion for the Holidays; Plus More


Sep 1999  (268 KB) Notes to VO Members; Got Oprah? Plus More

Vegan Outreach News June 1999   Vegan Outreach News March 1999   Vegan Outreach News December 1998

Jun 1999  (379 KB) Thoughts about Nature, Progress, Careers, and Money; Notes to VO Members; Thanks & Finances; Plus More


Mar 1999  (362 KB) Fundamental Change; Vegetarian Times, Health, & Advocacy; VO Audit; But Plants Feel Too; Plus More


Dec 1998  (362 KB) Perspective; Vegan Outreach Notes; Veg Information; Plus More