Empower people at your local college to go vegan

Are you looking to get active in animal advocacy? In just a couple of hours, you can hand out hundreds of booklets at universities, colleges, and other events to spread the message effectively.

Strong evidence suggests that for every 75 leaflets booklets read, 1 person becomes vegan for one week or longer. Some evidence suggests that for every 200 booklets read, 3 people go vegetarian and 1 person goes vegan. Can you imagine the impact if we all took a few hours to leaflet every week? And the best part is that you don’t need any special skills!

You can help move society beyond eating animals by getting active in your area—and these tips will get you started!

Set a Goal

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to leaflet is to set a goal. Establish a goal that works with your schedule. Whether that means taking an hour one time each month to leaflet a college campus or establishing weekly leafleting outings, you’ll be making a big impact!

After you finish leafleting and reach your goal, celebrate! You’ve just spared animals a lifetime of misery. Treat yourself to some vegan dark chocolate!


Always greet people with a smile and make eye contact—you’ll be surprised by how many people accept a leaflet! If you feel comfortable, add a short phrase like, “Help save animals” or “I’m raising awareness.” Remember to make it a statement instead of a question.

Lean in

Having the right body language helps. Try these tricks and see your take rate increase dramatically!

  • Always extend your arm completely. Try not to bend it at the elbow or hold the leaflet close to your body.
  • Lean in slightly towards the person while offering them a leaflet.
  • Position yourself so that you’re facing the person you’re leafleting instead of standing to the side.
  • Watch this video for great leafleting tips from experts!

“I am always pleasantly surprised at the positive reactions a smile and confident body language can get! Almost everyone accepts a leaflet and a lot of people thank me for raising awareness.”

-Aneeha Patwardhan, India Outreach Manager

Just Do It

It’s natural to feel nervous when leafleting for the first time! When you go out there and do it, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the nervousness wears off and you’ll start enjoying it!

Try to join an experienced leafleter for your first time or take a friend along. Email us at [email protected] and we will connect you with activists in your city!

“When I leafleted for the first time, I felt a bit nervous as I’m not a very social person. I used to feel bad initially when people didn’t take leaflets but I don’t take it personally or feel bad anymore. Now I enjoy leafleting and try to break records too.”

-Vaibhavi Lonkar, volunteer