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Horrors in India’s Dairy Industry, PETA India, 2010 Investigation

Horrors in India’s Dairy Industry (Hindi), PETA India, 2010 Investigation

Deadly Dairy, Animal Equality India, 2017 Investigation



From Shell to Hell: Cruel Treatment of Baby Chicks in the Indian Egg and Meat Industries, PETA India, 2017 Investigation

Cruel chicken production of India, Animal Equality India, 2017 investigation

Animal Equality exposes shocking cruelty at cattle markets, Animal Equality India, 2017 investigation

India’s Battery Caged Hens Exposed, Humane Society International, 2013 Investigation

Where is our food coming from?, Humane Society International, 2011 Investigation

Shocking: Animals Electrocuted at Ghazipur Slaughterhouse, PETA India, 2016 Investigation

KFC’s Cruelty Camp in India, PETA India, 2010 Investigation

R Madhavan Narrates ‘Glass Walls’, PETA India, 2012 Investigation

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Fish Are Friends—Not Food!, PETA India, 2010 Investigation



The Skins Trade in India, Narrated by Pamela Anderson, PETA India, 2012 Investigation