Vegan Outreach distributed free vegan meals and groceries to communities severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Since April 2020, we’ve served meals and grocery bags totaling over 3,098,737 vegan meals—that means 3,098,737 meals and bags of groceries to food-insecure families! Our last food distribution was July 1, 2022. We are no longer continuing this Vegan Food Aid program.

This work truly stretched community-wide as we partnered with other social justice organizations to serve communities. We primarily served the same individuals repeatedly for a long period of time, in order to sustain them during this pandemic and further introduce them to a vegan lifestyle. Not only has providing support to our communities allowed us to additionally support local restaurants, grocers, and organizations, but it has also kept our outreach team employed as public outreach has come to a halt.

Here are some highlights from Vegan Food Aid:

      • Worked with Cherokee Nation to deliver grocery boxes providing over 674,000 meals.
      • Delivered over 1,474,000 meals and groceries to Albuquerque families and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and Arizona.
      • Delivered over 323,453 meals and groceries to food-insecure families in Redwood City.
      • Collaborated with the nonprofits Black Women for Wellness and Black Lives Matter to provide 176,000 hot meals and groceries to families in Los Angeles.
      • Delivered over 72,000 groceries and hot meals from local restaurants directly to the homes of farmworker families in Dixon, California and food-insecure families in Sacramento and Stockton, California.
      • In partnership with the League of United Latin American Citizens Iowa, we’ve delivered 138,000 meals to those in cities dealing with ICE raids and that were sites of some of the worst COVID-19 factory farm outbreaks in Iowa.
      • Collaborated with the nonprofit Brave Space Alliance in Chicago to serve over 155,000 meals.
      • Partnered with the Center for Farmworker Families to provide over 6,800 hot meals and groceries to farmworkers in Watsonville, California.
      • Provided over 16,000 grocery bags to at-risk LGBTQ members, refugees from IRC, and families from various nonprofits in the San Diego area.


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