Video: Amy’s Drive-Thru Restaurant, Rohnert Park, California

By Toni Okamoto

This week Michelle Cehn of World of Vegan and I made the 100 mile trek to Rohnert Park, CA to visit the brand new Amy’s Drive-Thru — created by popular vegetarian food company Amy’s Kitchen! Everything on the menu can be made vegan and gluten-free, it’s all organic, and it is in the cutest, most sustainable building! Check out the video for a peek inside!

One thought on “Video: Amy’s Drive-Thru Restaurant, Rohnert Park, California

  1. While we live near Angels Camp in the Sierra, we jumped at the chance to visit family in Napa just so we could drive over to Rohnert Park to check Amy’s Drive Thru. We will be going back since its our In N Out burger alternative now that every one in the family is vegan or vegetarian.


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