Safeway has a Vegan Cake!


By Toni Okamoto

As you can see from the photo, the VO staff was so excited about Safeway’s new cake that we couldn’t even wait to have a photo taken.

I’m especially excited because before Safeway put out the Vegan Midnight Chocolate Cake, it was a real pain for my family to buy me baked goods for celebrations. They’d have to special order weeks in advance from the local bakery and would end up spending $35 for a six inch cake. I’d often feel so bad they spent so much money that it was hard for me to enjoy it.

This cake is a real game changer, though! It’s only $8.99 and you’d never know it was vegan. I also found out that Vons and Safeway are the same brand, so Vons carries it, too. Click here to find the location nearest you.


10 thoughts on “Safeway has a Vegan Cake!

  1. strange and disturbing that you said about the vegan cake at safeway….

    you would not know it was vegan……

    what are you implying… ?

    1. Omnivores often say that they can taste when something is vegan. In my opinion, I doubt anyone would ever say such a thing about this cake. It tastes like a regular ol’ store bakery made cake.

  2. Vegan simply means : No animal derived ingredients. I’m all for this cake ! Omnivores eat vegan food often. They just won’t call it vegan. Some of them hate vegans. Too bad. That leaves more cake for us. Thank you, Safeway.

  3. I bought one for a street feeding I do in Spokane. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. I had a couple slices and found it was very satisfactory too. Now all they have to do is stock some vegan cherry pies, ready-to-eat (not frozen) without hydrogenated oil and I’ll be set!

  4. My eyes about bugged off my face when I did my quick, casual once-over the bakery section. I had to double-take upon seeing the word Vegan inscribed on the sticker. Immediately grabbed it. I’m trying some now and it is fantastic. Moist, heavy and dense, like a cakey style brownie. Very good. Besides having no eggs or dairy, the ingredients look wholesome with all words pronounceable the first time around. $8.99 is a great price, as far as vegan cakes go. I’m praying they come up with a white/yellow cake with “buttercream” style frosting. Ohhhh, yeahhhhh


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