Safeway has a Vegan Cake!


By Toni Okamoto

As you can see from the photo, the VO staff was so excited about Safeway’s new cake that we couldn’t even wait to have a photo taken.

I’m especially excited because before Safeway put out the Vegan Midnight Chocolate Cake, it was a real pain for my family to buy me baked goods for celebrations. They’d have to special order weeks in advance from the local bakery and would end up spending $35 for a six inch cake. I’d often feel so bad they spent so much money that it was hard for me to enjoy it.

This cake is a real game changer, though! It’s only $8.99 and you’d never know it was vegan. I also found out that Vons and Safeway are the same brand, so Vons carries it, too. Click here to find the location nearest you.


15 thoughts on “Safeway has a Vegan Cake!

  1. strange and disturbing that you said about the vegan cake at safeway….

    you would not know it was vegan……

    what are you implying… ?

    1. Omnivores often say that they can taste when something is vegan. In my opinion, I doubt anyone would ever say such a thing about this cake. It tastes like a regular ol’ store bakery made cake.

  2. I’ve never made a non-Vegan cake before cause my little is lactose intolerant and I’ve always subbed eggs for something else, but I’d like to try this.

  3. Where do the cacao beans used to make the chocolate in the cake come from? That has ethical implications.

  4. Vegan simply means : No animal derived ingredients. I’m all for this cake ! Omnivores eat vegan food often. They just won’t call it vegan. Some of them hate vegans. Too bad. That leaves more cake for us. Thank you, Safeway.

  5. I bought one for a street feeding I do in Spokane. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. I had a couple slices and found it was very satisfactory too. Now all they have to do is stock some vegan cherry pies, ready-to-eat (not frozen) without hydrogenated oil and I’ll be set!

  6. My eyes about bugged off my face when I did my quick, casual once-over the bakery section. I had to double-take upon seeing the word Vegan inscribed on the sticker. Immediately grabbed it. I’m trying some now and it is fantastic. Moist, heavy and dense, like a cakey style brownie. Very good. Besides having no eggs or dairy, the ingredients look wholesome with all words pronounceable the first time around. $8.99 is a great price, as far as vegan cakes go. I’m praying they come up with a white/yellow cake with “buttercream” style frosting. Ohhhh, yeahhhhh

  7. I just paid $15 for one at my Safeway in Oregon, Super happy they still sell it. Unfortunately it’s the ONLY Vegan option when I asked at the bakery counter, but It was amazing!!! I loved it and so did my hubby. So rich and creamy and a little dry on the bottom, it was the perfect texture and flavor.

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