The Dairy Detox Program

By Lori Stultz, VO Rocky Mountain Outreach Coordinator

Whether you’re already vegan or you’re making a conscious effort to leave animal products off your plate, we all know the struggle of removing cheese from our diet once we’ve decided to help animals.

Personally, I’ve witnessed quite a few people in my life leave meat and eggs behind, but continue to consume cheese. Most of my friends and family members claim it’s impossible, and, guess what, I get it.

Cheese is such a common food product in our culture, and we’re introduced to it very early in life—who doesn’t remember eating string cheese for a snack and grilled cheese for lunch?

For those of you who’ve not yet eliminated cheese from your diet, or for those of you who are helping family members and friends remove cheese from their diets, you’re going to want to keep reading because we’ve got a pretty special announcement.

Michelle Cehn, Vegan Outreach’s Social Media Manager and founder of World of Vegan, has teamed up with Allison Rivers Samson, an award-winning vegan chef, cookbook author, and wellness coach, and they’ve designed an awesome program to help cheese lovers ditch it for good!

From the creators—

The Dairy Detox is packed with friendly and engaging daily videos, a collection of delicious dairy-free recipes, a private online community, and all the resources needed to take anyone from beginner-to-pro in just 12 days.

Our goal is to inspire wellness and compassion. We’re taking an approach we’ve never seen done before by speaking specifically to one issue that we think is the lynchpin to vegan living: dairy. We want to bring people into the vegan funnel by addressing the most difficult obstacle—cheese.

Registration is open now for our first session on November 1. After the first session, The Dairy Detox will be offered on the 1st of every month.

Pretty cool, right? Now get yourself on over to The Daily Detox website for more details about the program along with registration information.