John Sakars and Alex Greenwood: Fall 2014

John Sakars and Alex Greenwood are two of the Adopt a College program’s most dedicated volunteers. This semester alone, John has leafleted 11 different campuses, directly handing Vegan Outreach booklets to more than 17,000 students! And Alex has been to 7 different schools this fall, directly handing VO booklets to over 11,000 students!

John Sakars at the University of Toronto

John (above) and Alex (below) reached 2,050 students at the University of Toronto on 9/25/14. Alex reports: “John met a student who said she already had a leaflet and that is the reason she went vegetarian.”

The following Monday, they returned to the campus and reached another 1,250 students:

I had many conversations with students about how to help the animals. At first, one woman told me she’d be okay with eating meat if the animals were treated better. However, after I said there’s no such thing as “humane meat,” she looked through the leaflet and began to cry. She talked about how much she loves animals. I told her it was wonderful to see her crying, because it means she feels empathy and that’s awesome. She took a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating. I think our conversation, and the leaflets, changed her life.

—John Sakars, 9/29/14

Alex Greenwood at the University of Toronto

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