A Gift in Your Will: Getting Started

Whatever your stage of life, and whatever your family and financial picture, there are flexible ways to plan a gift that can make you proud to leave a legacy for animal protection with Vegan Outreach (VO).

You can use this page as your guide to choosing a plan that is right for you.

The most popular type of legacy to VO is a simple bequest through your will or living trust. A will is one of the best ways to manage your assets and provide for your family’s specific needs.

If you’re not ready to tackle writing your will, there are many easy giving options to get you started:

  • One of the most accessible ways of planning a legacy is by using something many of us already have—a retirement account.
  • If you have plenty of life insurance coverage, then using part of the proceeds to leave a legacy for the animals may be an easy choice.
  • The trend today is toward more opportunities to designate beneficiaries of specific assets, especially bank and brokerage accounts.

We hope you’ll consider including a gift to VO in your will. Called a charitable bequest, this type of gift offers these main benefits:

  • Simplicity. Just a few sentences in your will or trust are all that is needed.
  • Flexibility. Because you are not actually making a gift until after your lifetime, you can change your mind at any time.
  • Versatility. You can structure the bequest to leave a specific item or amount of money, make the gift contingent on certain events, or leave a percentage of your estate to us.

How It Works

To make a bequest benefitting VO, you need a current will or revocable living trust.

Your gift can be made as a percentage of your estate. Or you can make a specific bequest by giving a certain amount of cash, securities, or property. After your lifetime, VO receives your gift.

Putting Your Family First

When planning a future gift, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what size donation will make sense. Emergencies happen, and you need to make sure your family is financially taken care of first. Including a bequest of a percentage of your estate ensures that your gift will remain proportionate no matter how your estate’s value fluctuates over the years.

We Can Help

Contact Alex Bury at [email protected] with any questions about naming VO in your planned giving documents. We’re happy to help, without obligation.

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