Shopping for Vegan Food!

By Nzinga Young, Greater NYC Community Engagement and Events Coordinator


Last month, Vegan Outreach held its first East Coast grocery store tour at Whole Foods Market in Clark, NJ. The event showed aspiring vegans how to grocery shop for a plant-based lifestyle. Veg-curious NJ residents snaked up and down the aisles as I walked them through the basics of vegan groceries.

Some tour participants were former vegans looking to get back in the game. Others were vegetarians looking to take their diet to the next level. Moms brought their sons, women brought their sisters, and nurses brought their notebooks to learn how to prepare plant-based meals.


I showed them the epicenter for affordable vegan protein—the bulk section. Participants were introduced to delicious vegan meats and popular frozen food brands that make vegan versions of their favorite ice cream flavors. We talked about the vegan staples every pantry needs, specialty items you can do without, and just how easy it is to prepare filling, flavorful meals without animal products.

Participants left the tour with coupons and samples from Field Roast, Dr. Praeger’s, Sweet Earth Natural Foods, Upton’s Naturals, Hodo Soy, Hilary’s, Tofurky, Justin’s, Amazing Grass, and Dr. Bronner’s.


More importantly, they left feeling more prepared to adopt a vegan lifestyle. I want to give a huge shout out to the brands who donated samples and coupons, and a big thank you to the NJ folks who enthusiastically participated! It was a great way to spend a Saturday!

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  1. I thought this was truly awesome for the participants! All it takes is for someone to teach you how to shop Vegan and the ways to prepare healthy and filling foods. Hopefully they’ll be excited and teach someone else ❤❤

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