Soy coffees in corporates | 23K+ students trying vegan

In the second quarter of 2023, our programs in India have reached new milestones, thanks to your unwavering support. Here are some exciting updates:

456,790 kgs/ 1,007,050 Pounds of Animal Products Reduced!

  • We have reached 91% of our annual goal with 6 more months to go!
  • We reduced 88,400 kgs/194,889 pounds of paneer and 263,940 liters of milk, marking the highest dairy reduction achieved in a quarter. Tech Mahindra agreed to reduce 18,200 kgs/ 40,124 pounds of paneer and 136,500 liters of milk in the second phase of reductions. They will also offer soy milk to their staff as an alternative to milk.

  • We are also excited to share that we will soon launch the Green Tuesday Initiative in Vietnam, expanding our impact further.

    Our Latest Successes

    23,000+ Students Are Now Trying Vegan

  • 23,664 students signed up for the 10 Weeks to Vegan challenge through our Adopt a College webinars.
  • Collaborated with 800+ colleges and organized 76 webinars to raise awareness about animal rights, shedding light on the issue of speciesism.

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    Meet Nija

    Nija Dillon has joined the India Outreach team as the Outreach Coordinator of Gujarat. With her dedication, she has successfully signed up 6,971 students to our 10 Weeks to Vegan program and organized engaging Food Planet Health awareness webinars with more than 100 colleges. Nija’s commitment to creating positive change is truly inspiring.

    Your support has been instrumental in enabling us to hire the right talent and to achieve these remarkable milestones. Help us make an even greater impact by becoming a monthly donor—monthly gifts help save more animals all year long.

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    With gratitude,

    Richa Mehta,
    Director of Programs, India