Student Demands Lead to Expanded Vegan Options


By Jon Camp, Executive Vice President

Great news! Aramark, a food catering company serving over 500 college campuses, will be dramatically expanding its vegan menu. Some of the new options include Vegan Home-Style Pancakes, Butternut & Black Bean Chili, Sesame Noodles, and an assortment of vegan desserts.

This change comes amidst increasing demand for vegan options. According to Scott Jahren, Aramark’s Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Development, “Based on Aramark’s propriety customer feedback platform and dining surveys, the number of students interested in vegan options has continued to steadily increase over the past several years.”

Thank you, Aramark! And thanks to all of you who continue to get out there and do outreach to today’s college students — your work is playing a vital role in these exciting changes we’re seeing.

One thought on “Student Demands Lead to Expanded Vegan Options

  1. How exciting is this? I am an Aramark cashier at a cafe in Illinois. I just went vegan after being vegetarian for 35 years. One thing that has surprised me is the lack of vegan options at my cafe. Maybe Aramark will bring vegan options to where I work! -Desiree Ingraham

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