Senator Cory Booker Goes Vegan!

By Toni Okamoto

Great news! Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey announces that he will try to be vegan through the holidays! Not only is he trying his hand at veganism, he is also participating in activism by challenging his favorite ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, to create a non-dairy option. Sign the petition here!

You can send him a supportive tweet @CoryBooker, or comment on his Instagram @CoryBooker.


Excerpts from ABC News, November 25th, 2014, A Vegan Thanksgiving With Cory Booker:

“Though the 45-year-old politician has been meat-free since before he was Newark mayor, this is the first time he’s excluding dairy from his diet and vowing to stick to it. During a question-and-answer session on the site Reddit, Booker admitted going vegan once before, but caving in quickly.

Already three weeks in, the senator, re-elected earlier this month, tweeted that he loves his “vegan experiment” and he’s learning a lot. He also has been re-tweeting recipes.”