Team Vegan Raises $320,000


By Lisa Rimmert, Donor Relations Manager

The past two months have shown me how much can be accomplished by a team of dedicated people. Thanks to more than 100 Team Vegan members and over 800 contributors, $160,000 was raised during May and June. And these funds will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of very committed supporters, meaning $320,000 will go toward outreach for animals this year!

The Team Vegan campaign was such a joy! You all came together for a cause you’re passionate about – a cause you know is important. When you easily could have said, “Someone else will do it,” you stepped up. You understood that we are stronger together than we are alone – and then you proved it. Thank you.

Only one thing could match the joy that brings me: The work we will do with the money raised! Our Outreach Coordinators and hundreds of volunteers hand out booklets by the millions – in urban and remote areas all over the world. They inspire more and more people to adopt cruelty-free lifestyles, reducing the number of animals who will suffer on factory farms.

You make this possible!

Thank you for making Team Vegan a huge success!