Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

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6 thoughts on “Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

  1. Modern industrial agriculture is wanton destruction. Grain-based, vegetarian agriculture is even worse, because it attempts to eliminate a crucial player in the normal life cycle of the planet. Animals, which provide manure, calcium, and other nutrients for the soil, have to be part of the equation. Whenever a culture turns to a grain-based agricultural system, these same problems arise. Annual grain crops killed the American prairie and, for the vegans out there, they kill the millions of animals, bugs, and birds that rely on specific ecosystems to survive. The vegan’s soy burger has nary an animal part, but the machines that worked the soybean fields were greased with the blood of a thousand organisms. The vegetarian’s wheat crops feed millions, but robs the land of nutrients and destroys the top soil necessary for life.

    1. Most grain crops are used to feed animals that are being factory farmed, which in turn release an exorbitant amount of methane which contributes to green house gasses in the environment which then in turn reduces the quality of life for ALL beings. Let’s not try to be so narrow minded. Think of the BIG picture. It’s not just about the animals anymore than its just about the greased up crop machines. We need to think of the health of our people, our environment, and yes the animals too.

      1. Many farmers know it is best to allow fields to lie fallow, unplanted, for a certain amount of time in order for the soil to revive. At the time of the dust bowl, farmers were being encouraged to produce as much as possible by planting the same land, the same crop, season after season. This practice is what led to the destruction and deaths caused by the dust bowl. Grazing livestock laid waste to many acres of land, also supplying dust during the era. Our government became alarmed and sent experts to figure out what was wrong. They discovered it was the continual planting that had stripped the land. Farmers again began to allow land to lie fallow. NATURAL renewal increased the quality of the land. The farmers would plow under the remnants and this organic material was the basis for the renewal. I recommend watching the Ken Burns documentary about the Dust Bowl. Also KP, there aren’t many insects or organisms left after all the pesticides. The prairie is a natural part of our world, it was not the result of grazing, farming practices, etc. Bison grazed the prairie but they were a native and necessary part of the life of the prairie. I believe further research on your part might illuminate the inaccurate ideas you are proposing. I am sure you are aware that wheat is in many products, as is soy, that are not vegan or vegetarians. Also I suggest you look into the wholesale meat production if you would like to be aware of what true wanton destruction is in any country around the world. You might be interested to know that many state governments are trying to make it very hard for small farmers to provide local produce and meat to local areas because it cuts into the market for wholesale produce and meat. It is important to assess the entire problem from many points of facts. For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction. Basic physics.

  2. I don’t like the idea of supplements, I like “real” food. Have you not heard about the proteins in mushrooms ?

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