Women Making a Difference at Vegan Outreach!

March was Women’s History Month, and in this newsletter, I’m excited to share some amazing campaign successes by the women of Vegan Outreach in India and Vietnam. Scroll down to learn what inspired Astha Gupta to leave her city life and live with animals in a sanctuary and how Nija and Sarani inspired students to go vegan.

Bhavya and Sowndarya Help Companies Reduce Animal Product Consumption in India

In the last quarter, Tech Mahindra Ltd. implemented the Green Tuesday Initiative at their newly opened Pune campus. They’ve also added vegan milk options for their employees. Bhavya Vatrapu, our Senior Campaign Manager, India & Vietnam, has been working with the Tech Mahindra team since 2021. She aims to implement the campaign in all Tech Mahindra campuses across India. The change last quarter will replace ~53,000 kgs/116,845 pounds of chicken with plant-based food and make vegan milk accessible to 17,000 employees.

Left: Sowndarya Ganesan and Bhavya Vatrapu with Tech Mahindra Pune Zone Head, Vishy Shaligram; Right: We got served Soy lattes during our meeting.

First Green Tuesday Initiative Win in Vietnam!

In March, we had our first significant win in Vietnam. Trang Vương, our Green Tuesday Initiative Consultant, helped FPT Corporation add vegan options by replacing meat dishes in their cafeteria. FPT Corporation has implemented the campaign in their Ho Chi Minh City campus.  Read More about the success here!

Trang is a vegan advocate based in Ho Chi Minh City. She joined the Green Tuesday Initiative since January and will be working with corporations and educational institutions in Vietnam.

Nija and Sarani Inspire Students to Try Vegan!

Ninja Dhillon and Sarani Bhattacharya have inspired 8,593 students to try veganism in the last quarter. Nija, our Outreach Coordinator from Gujarat, organized 25 webinars in the first quarter of 2024 in the western states of India. Sarani Bhattacharya, a nutritionist turned activist, has been working in the eastern states of India and has also organized 11 webinars.

Why Astha Decided to Live in an Animal Sanctuary?

Astha Gupta, our Outreach Coordinator has been with Vegan Outreach since 2018 and has reached out to thousands of students through college outreach programs. Let’s hear why Astha moved her entire life to Kerala to live in an animal sanctuary.

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