Garden to Grill Restaurant, Sacramento, California


In our latest video, we take you inside the ALL-VEGAN restaurant in Sacramento called Garden To Grill! Click the image to play the video, and let us know your favorite all-vegan restaurant in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Garden to Grill Restaurant, Sacramento, California

  1. Hopefully, my wife and I will be able to try out the Grill food. I am in a electric wheelchair. Will I be able to get in the restaurant?

  2. I tried this place last weekend, and it was absolutely amazing!! I had the mac and cheese, and my boyfriend had the current special, the risotto burger with mushroom and swiss, both with side salads. Then we each got dessert, a chocolate cupcake for him and a chocolate chip cookie “creamie” (icing between two cookies) for me! I highly recommend their entire menu – the only thing we were unsure about is if ingredients were all organic/GMO-free. Forgot to ask in all our excitement about trying another fully vegan restuarant! 🙂

    Definitely support them, as well as The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA. We need to make sure these places stay in business!!


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