Fall 2015: Kassy Ortega

Kassy Ortega, VO’s Washington, DC Outreach Coordinator, has personally handed booklets to 22,651 students at 25 different schools this semester!

Kassy with Mike, Chris, and Julie at VCU

Kassy (above, foreground) and fellow activists (above, from left) Mike Wilson, Chris Guinn, and Julie Sutton emptied several boxes of literature at Virginia Commonwealth University, handing out 4,764 booklets in a single day!

Lydia and Danielle

Above are two students Kassy met this fall:

I handed Lydia [left] a booklet on campus. She handed it back and told me she was already vegetarian. I put a Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating in her hand and told her that there were vegan recipes inside. After a 15-minute conversation about the dairy and egg industries, she exclaimed, “I’m pretty sure you just made a new vegan today!”

Danielle [right] received a booklet from us last semester and has stopped eating animals!

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3 thoughts on “Fall 2015: Kassy Ortega

  1. Hope I can ask something here. The VO T-shirts in your shop (black with a chicken), do they have a backprint and if so what is it? I’m asking since I want one but I know you earlier had a “we do it for the chicks” tagline on some shirts. I get the joke but I’d rather not have it on a shirt. So, is there anything printed on the back? Cheers

    1. Hi, Tom – Both the unisex and women’s v-neck VO T-shirts are printed on the front only. Thank you!

  2. I am an old guy (82+). I simply am writing to encourage all who believe in animal rights and veganism. Cheers! Keep up the GOOD work. And, may the earth someday be a place of peace.

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