Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service


By Toni Okamoto

We all remember when the King and Queen of Hip Hop tried their 22 days of veganism, right? Well, it turns out that Beyoncé loved the vegan challenge so much that she is hoping to make it easier and more accessible by launching an all vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO meal delivery service.

This is HUGE for the animals! Beyoncé’s resources are endless, and her influence on her fans is impressive. We’re feeling positive that with this kind of exposure, veganism has officially arrived in mainstream culture.

Click here to check it out for yourself:

10 thoughts on “Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service

  1. Sure and Alleluja . Will she charge $40 for a kale salad, will she deliver in the East San Fernando Valley, will her restaurant take orders from regular old telephones and regular blue-collar workers who pay with regular old cash and live up the 4th floor, without elevator ? Who you kiddin’ ?

  2. I love that you can get this anywhere in the United States! The fact that they use FedEx is awesome. I can’t wait to share this with others.

  3. This is good thing… as stated above her influence on her fans is impressive. I am hopeful that with this kind of exposure it would be an announcement that veganism has officially arrived in mainstream culture. You don’t even see vegan products advertised on TV, least I haven’t seen any.

    My concern or hope is that Beyoncé realizes that veganism is also about respect and treatment of animals. Recently, there have been photos circulating of her posing with baby tiger cubs and riding an elephant…. seriously! She needs to educate herself more about the big picture here … while spreading the word about vegan diet will most definitely help save animals lives and is very awesome… she/ we should be concerned about the messages she is sending to those impressive fans who are looking at these photos of her with these animals who as we all know are treated like commodity’s! thank you

  4. Please do not promote this woman as being a friend of animals. She wears FUR for goodness sake!

  5. it may be good for her health but she doesn’t care about the animals, its all about profits…

  6. WHOAH! This is great! Even though she isn’t an ethical vegan, this will be a great way to get people to start eating less animals. Win for animals!

  7. When somebody does something good, why is there a desire to bring them down? Is it envy? Why not just appreciate that they’re doing something positive.

  8. Veganism isn’t and should not be treated like a cult with guidelines that must be abide by. Veganism is about making a choice. Wether its because we want to be healthier, protect the rights of animals or to follow some trend. You voice that veganism is about this and that and its better for the world but as soon as its brought into the spot light for the world to see you jump to
    criticize and bring it down because its not what you think it should be. How
    about you all focus and spend your energy on figuring out how to utilize Beyonce to educate and empower people with the facts about farming and the rampant destruction of our planet and our health and the abuses against those who labor in agriculture, slaughterhouses and other animal industries. For the rest of you who have a problem with supporting her vegan products then look for other options like dietogo and they’re both great services that I personally have tried.

  9. I agree with Slida Mason. This should be a very positive message where many good things are coming out of Beyonce’s announcement. This is great to get some publicity out there on veganism. I am excited about this meal service and I can’t wait to try it!

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