Join a network of activists taking quick and easy online actions—on social media, email, and phone—to put more vegan options in restaurants and grocery stores and learn about other opportunities to help animals!

Vegan Outreach partners with restaurants, grocery stores, and wholesale companies in India to guide them in adding delicious plant-based options to their menus, shelves, and cafeterias.

We need your help to show food providers the enormous public demand for vegan options!

Institutional Outreach—Past Successes

In addition to our retail food campaigns, Vegan Outreach collaborates with colleges, schools, hostels, and corporate offices in India to reduce the use of animal products in the food they serve. By encouraging institutions to adopt plant-based food policies, we’re paving the way to a more sustainable future.

Green Tuesday Initiative

Green Tuesday Initiative is a new campaign to help institutions such as companies, universities, schools, and hostels reduce their environmental footprint by making small changes in the food they serve.

So far, we’ve helped 14 educational institutions and corporate offices in India implement more sustainable food policies and reduce large quantities of animal products from their menus.

Hetero will now serve meat-free meals to their employees every day to reduce their environmental footprint! Once fully rolled out to all locations, over 2 million meals will be meat-free every year.

DY Patil University School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, to serve vegan food on Fridays. This initiative will prepare future chefs in creating vegan menus and also help reduce the environmental footprint at the institutional level.

Vardhaman College of Engineering, one of the largest private institutes in Hyderabad, has reduced the use of meat in their cafeterias and added 69,600 vegan meals to reduce their environmental footprint.⠀

Gautam Buddha University, one of the largest public universities in North India, reduced the use of dairy products in their cafeteria by 66%. The university will now serve 960,000 vegan meals to the students every year.

Lovely Professional University, one of the top private universities in India with the largest residential capacity in the world, reduced the use of dairy products in their cafeteria by 14%. This change eliminated the use of over 100,000 litres of milk in six months.

After working with us, Veggie Champ is veganising their mock meat range by removing milk solids from their products.
Veggie Champ is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mock meat in India. They offer a wide range of Indian, continental, and fusion products like vegan mutton, chicken, fish, prawns, and more!

91springboard, one of the largest co-working spaces in India, will replace all animal products with vegan options every Tuesday at their Turbhe hub.

Uneecops, a leading provider of technology solutions in India, is serving plant-based food to their employees to reduce the environmental footprint.

Hyderabad Trekking Club, a popular trekking and tourism company in India, stopped serving meat and dairy to nearly 8,000 travelers every year in an effort to reduce their environmental footprint.

Anand Engineering College reduced the use of dairy products in their cafeteria by 75%.

Hindustan College reduced the use of dairy products in their cafeteria by 50%.

S S College pledged to serve 100% plant-based meals in their cafeteria once a week and entirely eliminated the use of eggs.

Vijaya International School reduced the use of dairy products in their cafeteria by 50%.

Zostel, Asia’s largest branded hostel chain reduced the use of meat and dairy products in their Agra location by 30% in 2018. Expanding on this success, Zostel partnered with Vegan Outreach to introduce vegan options at 8 of their locations in India and Nepal.

Restaurant Outreach

GoStops, a chain of backpacker hostels introduced a new vegan menu at their Agra location.

Cafe Kulhad introduced a new vegan menu in Agra.

Grey House Cafe introduced a new vegan menu in Agra.