Tech Mahindra cuts down serving meat by 20% to reduce their food-related carbon footprint.

Tech Mahindra, a global IT giant, has partnered with Vegan Outreach to implement their Green Tuesday Initiative at their Hitech City, Hyderabad campus. On August 15th, Mr. C P Gurnani, MD and CEO, Tech Mahindra, launched the Green Tuesday booklet and announced the collaboration. By implementing the Green Tuesday Initiative in their cafeterias, Tech Mahindra will cut down meat consumption by 20% to reduce their food-related carbon footprint.

“Tech Mahindra is always at the forefront of taking sustainability and environment-related initiatives. From hosting plastic-free events to organizing the most extensive plantation drives, Tech Mahindra has always encouraged and inspired us to make an impact and keep doing more. By implementing vegetarian Tuesdays, we are taking one step forward in reducing our food-related carbon footprint and creating awareness about the food choices of employees. In the next year, we will be working with Vegan Outreach to implement this initiative in more campuses in other cities. Our team is also working to create a soulful, delicious alternative menu on Tuesdays.” – C V N Varma, Vice President – Corporate Services at Tech Mahindra.

What we eat is rapidly becoming an issue of global concern—multiple reports have identified meat and dairy as one of the leading causes of climate change. One such example is the recent report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, which emphasized a shift towards plant-based diets as a significant opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Worldwide, meat and dairy production uses 83% of farmland and produces 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions.
“Companies around the world are seeing the urgency of fighting climate change through food choices. As a Green Tuesday partner and one of the leading IT companies to implement this program, Tech Mahindra is leading the way to a sustainable future. India is the 5th most vulnerable country to climate change according to the 2020 global climate index, and policies like this will truly create an impact. There is a growing awareness among organizations in this regard.” -Bhavya Vatrapu, campaigns and social media manager at Vegan Outreach.

Tech Mahindra’s Hitech City campus has 15,000 employees and once fully rolled out, this initiative will benefit approx. 200,000 employees working at Tech Mahindra offices at various India locations.
Richa Mehta, Director of Programs India at Vegan Outreach thanked Tech Mahindra for implementing the Green Tuesday Initiative saying, “Their support and commitment to serve more plant-based food will have a significant impact. This initiative will help fight climate change, promote a healthier future, and save millions of lives. I am grateful to Tech Mahindra for setting an example for other companies to follow the path towards sustainability and carbon neutrality by implementing sustainable food policies.”

So far, in India, we have collaborated with twenty-six institutes and corporations including BITS Pilani Goa,Lovely Professional University and Hetero drugs . Some have implemented meatless days, while others have reduced the number of eggs and dairy products served in their canteens.

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