Here’s what everyone is saying – Goals met – New companies join Green Tuesday

We are halfway through 2021, and I’m so glad to say that we reached half of our yearly 10 Weeks to Vegan sign-up goals.

One motivating factor driving us is the feedback and testimonials we get from the people we work with and students. We love seeing our program impact so many people, and I am sharing some of them with you today.

Inspired 18,000+ Students to Go Vegan

In 2021, we have collaborated with 67 colleges and universities in India and organized our Adopt a College webinars. Our outreach team has inspired thousands of students to make more compassionate choices. 18,000+ students signed up for our 10 Weeks to Vegan program in 2021, and they’re considering going vegan.

After every webinar, we receive heartwarming feedback from students that gratifies all the hard work.

Adopt a College Collaborations

Three colleges, REVA University, Auro University, and Sanatan Dharma College, Ambala, signed the Memorandum of Understanding as part of our Adopt a College Collaborations and pledged to organize animal rights awareness events this year. More than 5,000 students will participate in various activities from these colleges and learn about a vegan lifestyle.

    Two Companies Joined the Green Tuesday Initiative

TA Digital will now serve meatless meals once a week in their cafeteria and promote a plant-based diet after joining the Green Tuesday Initiative. TA Digital is a technology company based in Hyderabad that delivers artificial intelligence, marketing solutions, and automation services. This change will reduce 3380 kgs/7451 pounds of chicken annually.
Their employees participated in our vegan cooking challenge and shared some interesting vegan recipes.

Check out a glimpse of the vegan cooking challenge here.

Sparks Lifestyle and Living is an event management, catering, and meal subscription firm based in Hyderabad. They will now replace one chicken dish with a delicious plant-based dish in all their buffet services. They also added a full range of vegan options in their selection menus, both for catering and meal subscriptions.

You are a big part of Vegan Outreach’s India program. Thank you so much for enabling this important work!

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With utmost gratitude,

Richa Mehta
Director of Programs, India