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Are You a Member of the Vegan Club?

Vegan Outreach Cofounder & Executive Director, Jack Norris, has been known to say that “We want a vegan world, not a vegan club.”

That said, as we work toward a vegan world, Vegan Outreach wants to build a really big vegan club!

Become a member of Vegan Outreach today by donating at any of the levels listed on our new website – from $30 per year to become an official Member of the Vegan Club, up to $50,000 to become an Advisor of Vegans and provide high-level guidance to help VO reduce animal suffering. Check out the thank you gifts available at every level. And if somewhere in the middle works best for you, consider becoming a member of the Vegan Police at $300 annually (or $25 a month). At this level, you’ll receive a Vegan Police T-shirt – available only by joining the force!

And what better time to donate than right now, when your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar! Which brings us to…

Year-End Donation Matching Has Begun!

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Your Contribution Now = DOUBLE the Booklets =

DOUBLE the Vegans = DOUBLE the Animals Spared

From now until December 31, when you donate to Vegan Outreach, your impact for the animals will be doubled. A small group of generous donors has stepped up to match every donation dollar-for-dollar up to $155,000! That means your investment in Vegan Outreach will reach twice as many people with messages of compassion – and save twice as many animals from suffering in factory farms!

Your contributions to Vegan Outreach directly increase the number of people who stop eating animals. And today, you can do twice as much! That’s twice as many booklets, twice as many new vegans, and twice as many animals spared!

Thank you to everyone who has already made a year-end gift, and to all our supporters who give automatic monthly and quarterly donations!

Donate now and double your impact