Eating Vegan in Australia – Dairy and Egg Alternatives

By Sam Tucker, Australia and New Zealand Project Consultant

Today, many Australians are saying no to the cruelty of the dairy and egg industries and are choosing a more compassionate way to eat. Fortunately, ditching dairy and eggs doesn’t have to mean missing out, thanks to an ever-growing list of tasty vegan alternatives.

All supermarkets in Australia stock a large range of non-dairy milks, including soy, oat, rice, almond, and coconut milk. Bonsoy is my personal favorite, especially in coffee, and for a non-soy option Sanitarium’s Almond and Coconut Milk are also good choices.


Orgran No Egg is a powdered egg replacement that is perfect for baking and, in addition to sparing chickens from the suffering of a battery cage, it also works out much cheaper than buying eggs–each packet costs around $4 and makes the equivalent of 33 eggs!

Orgran Vegan Easy Egg

Orgran No Egg works well to replace eggs used to bind a recipe, but it doesn’t have the texture of eggs and it can’t be scrambled. For a cruelty-free alternative to scrambled eggs, try Orgran Easy Egg or try scrambled tofu instead.

Tofu scramble with spinach and avocado on toast

Coles stocks dairy-free BioCheese which can be eaten on its own or added to pizzas, toasties, or any of your favorite foods. It melts and stretches, which makes it perfect to use in any dish that calls for mozzarella, or you can just cut off a slice and use it like cheddar. In addition to their regular cheese, they also make feta, cheese slices and butter.


Sheese and Made With Plants both make delicious plant-based cream cheeses.


Nuttelex is a dairy-free margarine with a buttery taste that works well both as a spread and for cooking.


For a delicious dairy-free ice cream, try Sanitarium So Good (available in chocolate and vanilla) a fruit flavoured Weis Sorbet, vegan Magnums, or Cornettos.

So Good Vanilla Bliss and So Good Chocolate Bliss
Weis' pineapple coconut lime sorbet
Weis Pineapple Coconut and Lime Sorbet

Kingland Soy Yogurt and Soy Life Yogurt are both great either on muesli or on their own as a snack.

Brands of soy yogurt available in Australia

Ditching dairy doesn’t mean giving up chocolate–in fact, most dark chocolate is dairy-free, including Whittakers Dark and Lindt 70%. Sweet Williams also makes white and ‘milk’ chocolate, which can be found in the health food section of the supermarket.

Just a few of the many brands of vegan chocolate available in Australia

Even more dairy-free options can be found at organic grocers, specialty stores, and independent grocers, including Damona Baked Almond Feta and Botanical Cuisine Cashew Cheese.

cashew cheese
Botanical Cuisine Walnut Cashew Cheese

I hope these resources prove both delectable and helpful! Do you have a favorite vegan version of a dairy product that you didn’t see here? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

3 thoughts on “Eating Vegan in Australia – Dairy and Egg Alternatives

  1. Thanks again Sam! One of my favourites is “Nudie” coconut and vanilla yogurt. It has no added sugar and is really thick – perfect for muesli, pancakes and desserts. Also, “Smooze” creamy coconut and fruit icy poles. They’re in the pantry section of Woolworths with the other freeze-at-home icy poles. They come in several flavours including, coconut and mango, coconut and banana, coconut and papaya and coconut and pineapple. Yum!

    1. Apparently the small Nudie yoghurt tubs aren’t vegan. They mention natural flavours in the ingredients which happens to be honey. Only the plain coconut yoghurt (in the large 500g tub) is vegan.

  2. Wow this is so great! Thank you so much. You’ve done me a great favour. I started my 30 day vegan challenge this week and am having trouble finding aussie brands for vegans in supermarket. The support network during my challenge is american based so ALL recipe ingredients are american brand names, it is a challenge to convert to aussie brands…..Namastè

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