Eating Vegan in Australia – Vegan Meat

By Sam Tucker, Australia and New Zealand Outreach Coordinator

I have a confession to make. I like the taste of meat.

I didn’t go vegan because I suddenly didn’t like the taste, I went vegan to stop the massive amount of cruelty involved in animal agriculture. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to meat substitutes, I’m a bit of a self-taught expert.

Whilst many of these products can be found at organic supermarkets and specialty stores, few can be found in your standard supermarket. Luckily, here in Australia, we have our own range of tasty vegan foods at all supermarkets.

To kick things off, let’s talk about some meat substitutes, all of which can be found at your local Coles or Woolworths.

Two brands you want to keep an eye out for (available at both Coles and Woolworths) are Fry’s and Vegie Delights. Both of their entire product ranges are vegan.

Chickn Tenders
Vegie Delights “Chik’n Style Tenders” sandwich with avocado and BBQ sauce.

Vegie Delights make delicious “chicken” style tenders and burgers which can be found in the frozen section of your supermarket, as well as mince, sausages and a Sunday roast in the chilled section. In addition to being really tasty, these products are also packed with iron, protein, B12 and zinc.

Vegie Delights “Vegie Roast”
Vegie Delights “Vegie Sausage”

Coles also stocks their own brand of vegan products called Nature’s Kitchen. Products include burgers, chicken style tenders and sausages.

Nature's Kitchen
Nature’s Kitchen

Coles also stocks The Alternative Meat Co., who makes delicious vegan burgers, sausages and mince.

The Alternative Meat Co
The Alternative Meat Co

You can also find vegan mince from MorningStar Farms (not all of their products are vegan, but the mince definitely is).

Morning Star Farms
Vegan Mince

Another great mock meat option available at Coles is the Sunfed “Chicken Free Chicken”.

Sunfed “Chicken Free Chicken”
Sunfed “Chicken Free Chicken”

Woolworths also has a great range of vegan meat alternatives. One great brand to try is Tofurky, who make sausages, deli slices, chicken pieces and more.


They also stock Unreal Co. who make delicious sausages, burgers, schnitzels and fried chicken-style pieces.

Italian Beefy Burger

Made With Plants makes vegan bacon, mince and meat loaf that can also be found at Woolies.

Made With Plants
Made With Plants Bacon

The Vegan Factor makes tenders, chicken strips, nuggets, burgers, meatballs and more.

The Vegan Factor
The Vegan Factor

V2 also sell vegan burgers and mince at Woolies.

V2 Vegan Burgers & Mince

Another great brand of vegan meat at Woolworths is the Linda McCartney Foods range. They make delicious vegan sausage rolls, pies, mince and burgers.

Linda McCartney “Vegetarian Sausage Rolls”

And finally, Woolworths also stocks Naturli plant-based “Minced”.

Naturli plant-based “Minced”
Naturli plant-based “Minced”

If you’re willing to venture away from Coles and Woolworths, Asian grocers generally stock an even larger range of vegan meats, including vegan duck, fish, prawns, ribs, chicken and more. If you’re looking for the kind of vegan meats that would fool even a die-hard carnivore, look no further than your local Asian grocer. Lamyong’s “vegetarian prawns” are particularly convincing, resembling not only the taste and texture, but also the appearance of the real thing.

Lamyong “Vegetarian Prawns”
Lamyong “Vegetarian Prawns”

Do you have a favorite Australian vegan meat? Share your opinion in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Eating Vegan in Australia – Vegan Meat

  1. Thanks Sam! Gardein is also available here now (in all states I think). IGA is where I get mine. It’s a bit pricey but worth it for a special treat .

  2. I just thought of another one – Ikea vegetable balls. You can use them in place of meatballs and they’re super healthy, cheap and delicious! They’re available in all Ikea stores (frozen) nationwide.

  3. hi Sam, great story!
    hi Louise, oh those ikea vege balls are HEAVENLY arent they!
    a lot of the VEGIE DELIGHTS products pictured above have recently changed their packaging. very nice too, but still the same trustworthy delicious goodies inside!
    i just finished dinner. sliced a scrubbed raw sweet potato into big thin slices or rounds, like bread slices…then toasted em! yep in the toaster! popped em down a couple times to get em to brown up nice and crispy on outside of the slices, and have the “inside” soft but firm, like when u roast it in oven.
    THEN i topped the toasted sweet potato rounds with mashed avo, a handful of baby spinach leaves then big fat slices of the VEGIE DELIGHTS vegie roast pictured above! (mine didnt have the rosemary glaze on, so i just brushed with soy sauce and sprinkled with cajun seasoning before tossing in the oven)
    looked exactly like the picture too!
    2 loaded “slices” satisfied my craving for a roast meat sanga, but it was heaps healthier (cheaper too) and best of all no animals were harmed for my feed.

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