Outreach Coordinators Who Inspired Us This Fall

Our community outreach coordinators work tirelessly to engage and educate the public about veganism. At the time of this writing, they had signed up over 100,000 people to our 10 Weeks to Vegan in 2019 (in addition to over 40,000 more online)!

Their work is incredible—but tough! We’re happy to celebrate them and the message of compassion they spread. Below are our top 10 most prolific outreach coordinators as of early December. Let’s take a look at the great work they accomplished this fall!

Brian Chavez

Brian started doing outreach with Vegan Outreach in 2017 and has traveled all over the U.S. to spread veganism. He uses his unique style to have meaningful conversations with students about veganism, and as a result, obtained 5,597 10 Weeks to Vegan signups this fall. This semester, he set the US record for the number of signups in one day—348! He also handed out 13,354 booklets at 42 different campuses!

Saurabh Sonkar

Saurabh holds multiple outreach records. He holds the world record for virtual reality views in a single day and at a single event, and was this semester’s top leafleter in India, handing out 18,070 booklets! On top of that, he signed up 3,882 people for 10 Weeks to Vegan.

Miguel Marron

Miguel received a Vegan Outreach booklet at his college, then started an animal rights club, volunteered for Vegan Outreach, and is now an employee. He recently celebrated his 15th “veganniversary,” and we’re celebrating that he signed up 3,735 people for 10 Weeks to Vegan and handed out 11,014 booklets in the northwestern U.S. this semester!

Ethan Blake

Ethan’s past volunteering for Vegan Outreach led to several of Vegan Outreach’s biggest days showing virtual reality videos to students. Now employed as our Midwest Community Outreach Coordinator, Ethan continues to impress us with his dedication. This semester, he got 3,247 10 Weeks to Vegan signups and gave out 9,978 booklets at 53 different colleges!

Emmanuel Marquez

In addition to supporting outreach by numerous volunteers in Mexico, Emmanuel showed virtual reality videos to 653 people—bringing his total to more than 6,500 over the past two years! He also signed up 3,201 people for 10 Weeks to Vegan!

Perla Anerol

Perla reached more than 80,000 people in just her first year of working with Vegan Outreach. Now in her second year, she continues to engage thousands of students in central Mexico. This fall, she received 3,101 10 Weeks to Vegan signups and handed out 8,560 booklets.

Ben Gardner

Ben joined Vegan Outreach this semester and quickly wowed us with his hard work. His extensive experience in project management and community organizing makes it no surprise that he gave 5,593 booklets at 38 schools and got 3,019 10 Weeks to Vegan signups this semester!

Aravindan V

Aravindan has the second highest 10 Weeks to Vegan signups world record for a college campus in one day, giving four presentations to over 600 students and receiving 471 signups! In total this semester, he got 2,756 signups and gave out 8,207 booklets.

Ben Umholtz

Ben visited 36 colleges, among other events, this fall in the greater Ohio area, signing up 2,680 people for 10 Weeks to Vegan!

Sam Tucker

Active in various grassroots efforts from a young age, Sam massively ramped up our reach in Australia and New Zealand over the previous four years. He’s reached 400,000 students in his time with VO. As he’ll soon be returning to school, this was Sam’s final semester with Vegan Outreach—he distributed 9,355 booklets and received 2,477 10 Weeks to Vegan signups. We’ll greatly miss Sam and thank him for his incredible dedication!

A big thank you to all of Vegan Outreach’s supporters—who directly fuel our work—outreach coordinators, volunteers, and donors alike! Because of you, many animals will be spared a life of suffering.

If you want to honor these activists and see Vegan Outreach do even more for animals next year, please consider making a donation by December 31st. It will be matched dollar-for-dollar for twice the impact!