Fall 2015: Steve Erlsten

As of December 4, Steve Erlsten, VO’s Northern California Outreach Coordinator, has already placed Vegan Outreach booklets into the hands of 71,590 students at 99 different schools this semester!

Steve Erlsten and Taylor Walton

Above is Steve with Taylor Walton, a Fresno State student he met in September:

Taylor stopped by to ask if I needed some help. The second big rush was about to start, so I gave her some booklets and let her hand out as many as she could without much instruction. Once the class change died down I asked if she had leafleted before, and we started talking about activism. When I asked if she was vegan, her response made my day.

She said she decided to go vegan this morning after getting a booklet from me! She had been trying not to think about how the animals are treated, but the booklet made that impossible. On her first day as a vegan she handed out 500 booklets!

When we were finished, she asked to take a photo of me for a class art project. She is going to sketch people who have had an impact on her life – including me.

Taylor not only went vegan and volunteered on the spot, but also joined Steve in setting a new leafleting record for her campus!

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