Fall 2015: Steven Litrov and Jet Sunrise

VO Outreach Coordinator Steven Litrov is this semester’s most prolific leafleter, personally handing booklets to 74,790 students at 75 different schools! For three weeks in October, VO intern Jet Sunrise traveled with Steven, leafleting campuses in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In total, Jet has reached 13,370 students at 16 different schools this fall!

Steven Litrov, Jet Sunrise, and IUPUI student

Above are Steven (left) and Jet (center) on their record-setting day at Indiana State University, and a student reading one of the 2,600 Your Choice booklets they handed out at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis:

Really great record-breaking day at IUPUI! We had tons of positive interactions, including one with a student named JC, who is trying to eat healthier and was also responsive to the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Another student, Adam, told us the booklet exposed him to these horrors for the first time; and two athletes couldn’t believe David Carter and other athletes in the booklets were veg. Jet also interacted with a woman from the sustainability council who is veg and interested in getting active.

Caleb and Steven at UMTC

On September 8, at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, Steven (above, right) teamed with activists from Compassionate Action for Animals:

Together we handed out over 4,500 pieces of pro-veg literature to a responsive student body and had many wonderful interactions with veg*ans and curious students alike. We also came across a student named Caleb [above, left], who went vegan over the summer after receiving a booklet in April! No struggles! Yay!

Hemena and Leonela at NVC

On December 1, Steven was joined by Emmanuel Marquez, VO’s Mexico Outreach Coordinator:

Today we handed out a record 1,605 booklets at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, TX, and had a ton of questions, interest, and support for the cause. Hemena [above, left], a vegan art appreciation teacher, grabbed some booklets to share with her students; another student recently learned of the environmental impacts of animal agriculture and is cutting back on eating meat; and Leonela [above, right] is ready to go veg after receiving a booklet and chatting with Emmanuel!

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