Fast Food – New Zealand

By Sam Tucker, Australia and New Zealand Outreach Coordinator

Eating vegan at fast food chains in New Zealand has never been easier! From Dominos to Burger King to Hells Pizza to Subway and more, there are countless vegan fast food options to choose from.

Dominos has a great range of vegan pizzas with mock meats and dairy-free cheese including the vegan El Scorcho, Godfather, Hawaiian, Ham and Cheese and Beef and Onion. They also sell vegan cheesy garlic bread and their regular garlic bread is vegan too!


At Subway, try the Veggie Patty, Veggie Delight or Smashed Falafel (without tzatziki). Choose whatever veggies you like and then choose from any of the following vegan sauces: BBQ, Sweet Onion, Sweet Chilli or Tomato.


The Rebel Whopper at Burger King is entirely plant-based when ordered without mayo and so is the salad burger when ordered without cheese and mayo.

rebel whopper

Hells Pizza has a huge range of vegan pizzas including the Vegan Burger, Pride, Damned, Sinister, Mischief, Wrath, Saviour, Mayhem and Brimstone. They also sell vegan nuggets, gluten and dairy-free garlic bread and plant-based ice cream sandwiches.

hells pizza

Burger Fuel has lots of great vegan options too. The Alternative Muscle burger and the V8 Vegan burger are both vegan by default and the V-Twin Vege and Combustion Tofu burgers can both be made vegan on request. They also sell soy thickshakes, kumara fries, potatoes fried, motobites and smash browns, which are all vegan (just ask for vegan aioli with the sides).

burger fuel

Pizza Hut also has a delicious roast veggie and caramelized onion pizza with vegan cheese.

vegan pizza

Do you have a favorite vegan fast food option? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know!