Good Times in Indianapolis

By Jack Norris, RD, VO Executive Director


This past August, I went to my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio to visit family. During my week at home, I snuck off to Indianapolis, Indiana to give a talk on nutrition.

The talk was organized by Joel Kerr of the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance (IARA)—a very successful local group. I was so impressed by all the work IARA is doing that I’ve asked Joel to write a future blog post about their methods—stay tuned for that!

I always love visiting Indianapolis because the city is beautiful and Joel always takes me somewhere amazing to eat. This time, we visited The Sinking Ship where I had a delicious Seitan Gyro Wrap with a side of Mac and Teese.

About 50 people attended the talk. As always, I emphasized that while no vegan is going to come down with a clinical diagnosis of protein malnutrition, incorporating high-protein foods in meals can increase the satisfaction of a vegan diet. For an interesting read about this topic, see my article, Story from a Once-Failing, Now-Thriving Vegan.

Thank you, Joel and IARA!

7 thoughts on “Good Times in Indianapolis

  1. We loved having you out! Thanks for taking the time to meet us and to show you what IARA is all about!

  2. Thank you for visiting Indy, Jack! Me and my spouse enjoyed your presentation on nutrition and healthy plant-based living. The guidelines you covered made a lot of sense, and we look forward to enjoying delicious, compassionate foods, while maintaining, and even improving, our health. Please feel free to visit again soon!

  3. Thanks for coming to Indy! I was so sad to miss it as I was in Austin that week/weekend. I grew up just north of Cincinnati- there are some awesome vegan options there too 🙂

    I’m a Vegan Outreach Mentor and love having an easy way to feel like I’m giving back. Thanks for all you do Jack and VO!

  4. Thank you for your mindful talk! It was great to hear you speak and to have you respond to everyone’s questions. I appreciate that you took time to come to visit!

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